For SpaceX, Elon Musk Could Become The World’s First Billionaire

As predicted by the financial multinational Morgan Stanley, Elon Musk could become the first billionaire the world thanks to the potential identified in SpaceX, your rocket production and space exploration company.

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Currently, the South African – who has American and Canadian nationality – is in the ‘top 3’ of the richest people in the world. As of October 21, Forbes reports that its fortuna It amounts to more than $ 225.8 billion.

For some years now, Elon Musk it has been adding popularity, influence and, of course, money. In 2017, Forbes ranked him 12th of the richest in the field of technology in the world. A year later, he was ranked 25th of the most powerful people. In 2019, he was the most innovative leader.

By 2021, the economic environment classified the founder of Tesla, electric car company, as the second richest person in the world; the first was Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. However, with the recent sale of shares, Musk’s fortune reached $ 225.8 billion; meanwhile, Bezos’s is 198.8 billion.

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The biggest growth in Musk’s fortune has taken place this year and in the past. In October 2019, ‘Forbes’ reported a net worth of $ 19.9 billion. Eleven months later, in September 2020, it reached $ 68 billion. In April of this year, it was consolidated at 151 billion dollars.

This week, and as if that were not enough, ‘Bloomberg’ reported that the financial multinational Morgan Stanley told its investor clients that Elon Musk could become the world’s first billionaire; that is, he would be the first person to have a fortune of more than a trillion dollars (1,000,000,000,000). In any case, it is not clear when he would achieve it.

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The private space exploration company “is challenging any preconceived notion of what was possible and the possible time frame, in terms of rockets, launch vehicles and supporting infrastructure,” Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas wrote in a note. titled “SpaceX Escape Velocity … Who Can Catch Them?”

The analyst also stated that the technological developments of the cohetes Starship, of SpaceX, are those that have the potential to transform the expectations of investors in relation to the space industry, according to the media ‘CNBC’.

“More than one customer has told us that if Elon Musk became the first billionaire … it will not be because of Tesla. Others have said that SpaceX may eventually be the most valuable company in the world, in any industry,” Jonas said in his written.

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