Foolproof technologies for business strength in 2023

Various causes of political, economic and media origin have forced corporations to consider technology as an irreplaceable and necessary resource to move towards profitability.

Digitization and sustainable development not only came to take sides in the life of the ordinary citizen, because at the same time they have been joining the business segment, a space with which it converges due to the possibility it offers the latter to reduce costs in processes on a large scale and in substituting labor through software that, in short, lowers the cost of the business checkbook.

According to a study generated by GTD Colombiaa pioneering company in the Data Center segment in the country, there are five infallible technologies for the future of companies:

  1. It is not a secret that the metaverse Promoted by Mark Zuckerberg, it is a revolutionary idea that would seem hasty even for the same technology, but this only until it begins to be considered as a point in favor at the moment in which a company decides to get closer to the consumer by offering new products and services.
  2. The drones They are added as a commitment to the future due to their autonomy to facilitate security, surveillance, photography and, perhaps soon, shipments, just as Amazon and DHL have proposed.
  3. Having a place to safely store information and synchronize management remotely will always be a necessity in times when malware and Phishing are commonplace, which is why the Cloud computing and virtual desktops They will be other added values ​​to these technologies.
  4. Let’s not ignore the Artificial intelligence as the path to the automation of all that we can come to know as the workforce. From the development of simple jobs based on small data to the creation of a video game. The various industries have already begun to bet on this form of automation that, over the years, will be the heart of many processes.
  5. Not everything is ‘robots’ or computers telling us what to do. The sustainable technology it will also occupy its own space with the purpose of optimizing industrial facilities and works, through, for example, solar cells, precision agriculture, liquid fuels and hydrogen batteries.

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Foolproof technologies for business strength in 2023