Five years in prison for a young video game addict who hacked Joe Biden, Obama, Elon Musk and Bill Gates, among other celebrities

At the age of eight, Joseph O’Connor got his mother’s permission to start playing video games, not knowing that Thus, he opened the door to perdition that has now earned him a sentence of five years in prison by a court for the southern district of New York.

The above for being part of a scam that involved the hacking of about 130 Twitter accountsincluding those of the richest, most powerful and most influential men in the world: United States President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama and billionaires Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

However, his story began far away from the country that just sentenced him, in Liverpool, England, and It has tragic overtones that, for his own family, determined that he ended up becoming a cybercriminal.

The message with which the 0’Connors and their henchmen scammed from Barack Obama’s Twitter account after hacking it. They offered double the value to those who made deposits into their bitcoin accounts. Photo: @barackobama. – Photo: Twitter. @Barack Obama

When her mother’s father, Sandra O’Connor, found out she was pregnant out of wedlock, he tried to get her to abort the child.

Since she refused, tried to cause her to lose the baby by beating her hard.

This even when she started the work on behalf, according to the statements she gave at Joseph’s trial.

The grandson did not mitigate the violence of Sandra’s father at allso when he was five years old, she fled with him to Spain, to the Costa del Sol, more precisely.

There, say his mother and grandmother, he was a “peculiar” child, nervous and anxious, although he liked to swim and go to the beach.

He was “hooked” to video games from day one, their relatives testified.

This did not go away when they returned to Liverpool, by which time Joseph was ten, to continue his secondary education there.

Rather in his own country the reasons for alarm at him intensified.

Anxiety often forced him not to go to class, he spent 18 hours a day playing games, did not eat with the family, and did not leave the house for weeks.

Twitter. @billgates
They also posted this message on Bill Gates’ Twitter account, posing as him and offering money. Many fell into the trap. @billgates – Photo: Twitter. @billgates

Another alert that her mother ignored was the time Some young men came to his house who wanted to beat him.

In retaliation, she took away all of his electronics, whereupon he refused to eat or get out of bed.

Fearful that he could make an attempt on his life, Sandra replaced his devices and he began to treat him with kid gloves, as he stated in court.

From one moment to the next, the family began to be the target of threats and calls to the police against them, a tactic that cybercriminals often use.

On one occasion, a man came to his home and transmitted with his phone how he threatened to kill him.

To get him away from all that, Sandra decided to return to Spain, to Estepona, but the truth is that things got worse there, because it was the place where he committed the crimes that today have him behind bars. for seven counts of hacking, cyberstalking, money laundering and extortion.

His relatives also tell that, as a teenager, Joseph he never developed the minimum social skills or understood the rules of coexistence.

In a restaurant, he refused to talk to the waiters and the same thing happened if they took him to a hairdresser to have his hair cut.

Learn about malware that can steal your data
The hacker also extorted money from actress Bella Thorne and a 16-year-old girl. – Photo: Universal Images Group via Getty

Everything about him was and continues to be very childish, so that he is not capable of doing almost anything on his own, his family also stated.

However, With the help of very bad relationships on the net, he did learn to commit crimes.

Apparently, through the dark web, linked to a hacker gang that stole over $700,000 worth of cryptocurrencies in 2019 of a Manhattan-based company in this field, reported The Times, From london.

The sophisticated technique of the band consisted of calling some Twitter employees, whom, with a credible story, They convinced them to give them their access codes to the administrative tools of the social network.

Then, through engineering tricks, they gained access to Twitter’s powerful internal control panel.

That was how they were able to hack some 130 accounts, many of them rich and powerful, but the play did not end there.

Once in control of said accounts, the hackers they wrote messages on behalf of the characters asking for money.

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, they wrote this posing as Elon Musk in his account: “I feel generous for the covid 19. I will double any bitcoin payment sent to my account for one hour. Good luck and take care.”

They did the same with the accounts of Barack Obama and Bill Gates, among others.

Seeing such a message from the richest man in the world, many believed the story and sent him the money.

They did the same with the accounts of Barack Obama and Bill Gates, among others.

Thus, in that plan alone, the scam amounted to $100,000 in cryptocurrency.

Connor was not only convicted of participating in it, but also for blackmailing a 16-year-old girl and the actress Bella Thorne.

The criminal hacked into the artist’s phone and he wanted to blackmail her by publishing some nude photos of her that he found there.

Sick of the abuse Thorne decided to post the images herself.

“F*** you and the power you think you have over me. The FBI will be at your house soon.” And, indeed, there his house of cards began to come down until he was put behind bars.

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Five years in prison for a young video game addict who hacked Joe Biden, Obama, Elon Musk and Bill Gates, among other celebrities