Five things you should know about Jennifer Gates, the daughter of Bill Gates who is getting married this Saturday at his equestrian estate

Jennifer Gates, the firstborn of Bill Gates and his ex, Melinda Ann French, from which he divorced this year, He is finally getting married this Saturday, October 16, with her fiancé, the Egyptian horseman Nayel Nassar. The engagement of the couple, aged 25 and 30, respectively, occurred last January during a romantic ski trip, but wedding plans have been delayed due to the pandemic. Finally, one of the links of the year in the United States will take place at the fabulous farm and horse farm that the bride’s parents gave their daughter after graduating from Stanford University in 2018. It is an impressive farm of 50 hectares located in North Salem, in Westchester County of the state of New York, valued at 16 million dollars (13.78 million euros) and known by the name of Wenchester County.

The wedding has the added morbid of what will reunite the former marriage of businessmen and philanthropists Bill and Melinda, whose divorce was finalized last August. The 57-year-old, a fundamental pillar in the organization of the link, has been seen landing with her helicopter in New York loaded with many suits, and the 65-year-old founder of Microsoft could be seen last week following the Indian Wells tennis tournament in California, sitting next to Ann Winblad, his lifelong friend and girlfriend he dated before meeting Melinda,

As detailed ‘The New York Post‘, in recent days the enclosure and its surroundings have been preparing by the staff to transform the equestrian farm into an enclosure at the height of the daughter of the famous billionaires. Tents have been installed for the guests, glass pavilions and a circular structure where the ceremony of one of the most famous heiresses on the planet.

Jennifer Katharine She was born on April 26, 1996. She is the oldest of three siblings. Rory John, 21, and Phoebe Adele, of 18 years. With coppery hair, blue eyes and a face full of freckles, she is the one that bears the greatest resemblance to her mother. As a child, she attended the same private school as her father, Lakeside High School in Seattle.

Effort versus whims

Although their parents have tried to instill in their children the value of effort, which is why neither Jennifer nor her brothers had a mobile phone until she is 14 years old, the young woman does not care show off a glamorous life on social media in which there is no shortage of cruises and horseback riding. His father’s fortune, according to data from ‘Forbes’ this year, is the fifth largest in the world ($ 129.6 billion; almost $ 112 billion), but his children will not inherit everything. Only a small portion of that amount will go to their direct descendants. At a TED conference in Canada in 2014, Bill Gates announced that the most of his fortune would go to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest private foundation in the world that fights to eradicate diseases and other planetary problems. Three years later, the businessman specified that his children will inherit 10 million dollars each (8.2 million euros).

Jennifer has not followed in her father’s footsteps academically, as in 2018 she graduated from Human biology at Stanford University, and, after taking a sabbatical, is currently pursuing Medicine at the prestigious Icahn Medical School at Mount Sinai, in New York. In an interview with ‘Sidelines’ magazine, she assured that it was her childhood pediatrician who inspired her to want to be a doctor. While in her studies, the wealthy heiress lives in a $ 5 million apartment that her parents bought for her on Fifth Avenue.

Jennifer has been riding horses since she was 6 years old and is an accomplished rider. Of all his block, the favorite is Alex, an animal “super sweet, with his feet on the ground, calm, but you can also go fast and have a lot of confidence, so I am very excited with him,” he explained to the magazine ‘US Equestrian ‘in November 2017. The young woman has stood out in different national competitions, where she has faced against Eve Jobs and other famous horsemen with famous surnames, such as the daughter of Michael Bloomberg, Georgina, the daughter of Bruce Springsteen, Jessica, and the daughter of Steven Spielberg, Destry. It also has its own equestrian team, the Paris Panthers.

The perfect boyfriend, rider and millionaire

Nayel Nassar He is also a renowned horseman and studied Business and Economics at Stanford, where he met Jennifer. Born in Chicago, is the son of the same Egyptian diaspora from which celebrities such as the actor also come Rami Malek. “I grew up in the Middle East. My whole family is Egyptian, although I have friends all over the world. That has given me a different perspective on things,” he explained in some interviews. Started to ride at 5 years and jump, at 10. He was educated in Kuwait, where his parents have a thriving (and millionaire) architecture and design company. He frequently traveled with them to Europe, where he rubbed shoulders with important sports and business people. As a rider, Nasser qualified for the International Equestrian Sports Federation (FEI) Jumping World Cup Finals in 2013, 2014 and 2017, and for the FEI World Equestrian Games in 2014. His name is one of the regulars on the international Grand Prix circuit. He and his horse, ‘Lucifer V’, are part of Evergate Stables, the equestrian project founded by his girl to promote the future of the industry. He also owns his own stables in Encinitas, southern California. In addition to the horses, the couple enjoy sharing photos of their trips on their Instagram profiles (he has 108,000 followers, and she, with 443,000): Mexico, Paris, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia and Kuwait have been some of their last Destinations.

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