Five anecdotes about Jeff Bezos that explain his success as an entrepreneur

no one disputes that Jeff Bezos He is one of the most important entrepreneurs in recent history worldwide. The founder of Amazon managed to build an empire and completely revolutionize the commerce sector around the world, with a philosophy that has as many detractors as followers, according to the portal .

Born in 1964, the personal history of Jeff Bezos is full of anecdotes that explain his success as an entrepreneur, both in Amazon and in his other projects, such as Blue Origin, his aerospace tourism company that a few months ago successfully made its first flight. Next, we collect some of them.

5 Jeff Bezos anecdotes that explain his success as an entrepreneur

A complicated family situation

Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque (New Mexico, United States) when his mother was just 17 years old. His biological father, Ted Jorgensen, was a circus performer who didn’t know he was related to the Amazon founder until he was an adult. When they met, Bezos assured “he didn’t hold any grudges” and the two had a cordial relationship until his death in 2015.

Thus, the entrepreneur owes his last name to Miguel Bezos, a Cuban immigrant who married his mother when Jeff Bezos was still a child, and who raised him as if he were his own son.

Worked at a McDonald’s

One of Jeff Bezos’s first jobs was similar to that of many American students. The Amazon founder began his working life one summer while still in high school, working as a waiter at a McDonald’s.

With the money he got from this experience, Bezos set up his first company with his girlfriend at the time, Dream Institute. It was a summer camp with remedial classes, which had barely six clients during his short life.

Wall Street was his first full work experience

After finishing his engineering and computer studies, Jeff Bezos started working on Wall Street for different investment firms. His talent did not go unnoticed at the time, and he became vice president of DE Shaw, a Manhattan company dedicated to finance, until he decided to leave everything and dedicate himself body and soul to creating what is now Amazon (then it was Cadabra. com).

Think that the human being is lazy by nature

One of the great keys to the success of Jeff Bezos is also one of his main vital convictions. The entrepreneur thinks that everyone is “inherently lazy”, so Amazon’s business model has always been focused on the client having to work as little as possible.

However, this idea has also brought him some problems derived from the pressure he puts on his employees, who have sometimes complained of suffering too much in favor of the results, even if they were not always achievable.

an eccentric entrepreneur

If something defines great entrepreneurs, it is usually their eccentricity. Their “crazy” ideas often transform the market, but they also mark their personal lives. The case of Jeff Bezos is no exception. The founder of Amazon leads a somewhat crazy life, with purchases that escape the rest of mortals, such as a yacht whose maintenance bill is around 60 million dollars a year.

In addition, the founder of Amazon is passionate about cow’s milk, about which he has written several reviews on his marketplace, and a fan of trying new foods, such as insects or iguanas.

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Five anecdotes about Jeff Bezos that explain his success as an entrepreneur