Facebook will once again have calls and video calls in its main app

Con Messenger, the popular technology consortium Facebook he considered offering an alternative to Skype. The company transferred the functions of voice and video calls to other software in its portfolio, like Messenger and WhatsApp. Both applications have a very high global market share. Sum at least 3.3 billion active users together. Since WhatsApp could never position itself in the United States, and given the dispersion of telephone services due to the pandemic, these benefits they return to the main interface.

According to Bloomberg, from next week voice and video calls will be available again on Facebook. Although in an initial phase only in the North American power. In concept of Facebook, “It would be important that users have all the services they require to function in a world in constant evolution, grouped in one application “. This way they could avoid having to move from Facebook to Messenger, or vice versa. At the moment typical Messenger features like his popular ‘GIFs’ they will remain there.

It is still uncertain whether the return of telephony to Facebook would mean the end of Messenger, which is 10 years old. The integration it would also be preventive, and for a relevant legal reason: data protectors and competition authorities in their country of origin they have returned to claim to the appropriate justice to fragment the power of Facebook. To do this they suggest that you be required to get rid of Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram. If it were to this unlikely verdict, Facebook could continue offering this value offering without a separate app.

Competition authority in the United States confronts Facebook again

The US Federal Trade Commission UU., FTC, who fears that Facebook is buying from rivals to secure your domain, is filing another lawsuit against the internet giant. It also ensures that it would be obliged to take measures to intervene in the market dominated by Mark Zuckerberg, featuring a modified version of your claim dismissed earlier in 2020 by Judge James Boasberg. Facebook has rated the complaint as unfounded. “The company is not a monopoly,” its representatives said in a statement.

Facebook will once again have calls and video calls in

The FTC alleges that the company maintains a tight control of social networks consumption through anti-competitive behavior. After a lengthy investigation in cooperation with attorneys general from 46 states, the District of Columbia and Guam, it could have been established that Facebook has engaged in a strategy system to impose anti-competitive barriers to software developers independent. This would leave users with few options to choose from and deprive advertisers of better advertising prices.

The entity would be seeking a court order from a federal court that requires the sale of assets, including applications such as Messegner, WhatsApp or even Instagram, and that requires Facebook notification and request for state approval for future mergers and acquisitions. For Ian Conner, director of the FTC, “social networks they are fundamental for life millions of Americans, but Facebook’s actions to entrench and maintain its monopoly deny consumers the benefits of competition ”. (mov)

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Facebook will once again have calls and video calls in