Facebook launches sunglasses with integrated camera

Mark Zuckerberg with the new Ray-Ban Stories

Designed in collaboration with Ray-Ban

Jose Carlos Castillo

Without having removed the doubts regarding their privacy policies,
Facebook surprises the world with the launch of some ‘smart’ glasses. In quotation marks because, far from housing the advanced capabilities that we assume from the rumored Apple device, they are limited to taking photos, receiving calls and playing music.

For this release,
Zuckerberg has teamed up with the legendary Ray-Ban sunglasses brand, who takes advantage of some of his classic mounts (‘Wayfarer’, ‘Round’, ‘Meteor’ …). The Ray-Ban Stories, as they are nicknamed, will be available in five colors and with a variety of lenses to choose from: transparent, graduated, sun and even photochromic, capable of darkening as soon as we set foot on the street.

The integrated cameras house 5 megapixel sensors and, unlike similar devices previously marketed,
are designed for taking sharp photos and stabilized movies (up to 30 seconds). Just press the capture button or command it through your voice, for which three microphones have been incorporated. These will allow us to record images with sound and answer calls, thanks to the Bluetooth pairing with our phone.

Ray-Ban Stories also host
two non-invasive headphones so that we can listen to our interlocutor or enjoy our favorite music anywhere. All this with the latest technology in noise suppression, promise those responsible.

The images and recordings that we make are stored in an application developed for this purpose, ‘Facebook View’, from where
we can transfer the multimedia content to the smartphone gallery or share it on different social networks (Snapchat or TikTok inclusive).

The crux of the matter lies, as we already hinted, in privacy. How will Facebook ensure that we have control over what we record? Facebook View records when, where and how such content is shared so that we are aware. What’s more,
photos and videos stored in the glasses are secured encrypted and Facebook will allow you to remove voice transcripts from our interactions with your assistant.

There will also be peace of mind for those in front of us, that is, the protagonists of our recordings: when starting one or taking a photo
an LED will light up to let everyone know that the gadget is working. And, of course, this one has an on / off button.

Time will tell if the above is enough to convince the most skeptical, taking into account the
obligation to link our Facebook account to the accessory (if we try to associate that of another user, all data is deleted as a precaution).

Ray-Ban Stories will soon arrive in stores in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom, where they can be purchased from $ 299 (
about 250 euros to change). Its launch date in our country is yet to be confirmed, although we can register on the Ray-Ban website to be informed as soon as it is known.

Article: Soure