Facebook launches “Ray-Ban Stories”, smart glasses to take photos and videos of your day to day

Facebook continues to surprise his followers and this time, his bet is on smart glasses that not only give you an innovative and fashionable look, but also allow you to record and take pictures in every step of your day-to-day life.

Just as you read it with “Ray-Ban Stories”, Mark Zuckerberg has taken a new step to what it has called “metaverso“That is to say, the replica of the real world in the virtual one and it is that with this interesting gadget, the founder of Facebook seeks to get people to capture and share their everyday experiences with a simple goggle adjustmentBecause literally this device has small drivers built into the sides of the chassis, making it easy to take pictures and videos.

In alliance with Ray-Ban, the leading brand of sunglasses, Facebook created a lens that seeks to position itself in the technology market in an avant-garde way, allowing users to listen to music or podcasts, and even facilitating answering phone calls. But if you want to know all the details, don’t miss this note that La Razón prepared for you.

Ray-Ban Stories: Glasses with integrated camera and security

How many times have you not wanted to put off a sensational memory in time, but suddenly you realize that you do not have your cell phone or that your battery has run out? To prevent this from happening to you, Ray-Band Stories They have an innovative design that allows you to turn them on and off quickly, thereby saving battery power when you don’t want to take pictures.

So once you turn off your smart glasses do they stop having access to what your eyes continue to see? Indeed, one of the characteristics of this gadget is that it ensures the safety of its users, which is why Zuckerberg clarified in a promotional video that once the switch is turned “off” you are in a private space, where the gadget is unable to take photos, videos or audio.

In addition to this, facebook smart glasses They include a sophisticated charging case that keeps your stories safe and your frame intact.

Ray-Ban Stories: “You don’t need to be a photographer to tell stories”

In the words of Mark Zuckerberg, with the Ray-Ban Stories “You will no longer have to choose between interacting with your device or with the world around you”, since the bet of these facebook smart glasses is that our life no longer revolves around cell phones, but directly transcends the digital world.

The goal is for users to be able to capture everything that happens around them “from a unique first-person perspective”, without having to take their cell phone out of their pocket, but where are these files stored? All the recordings and photos you capture are stored in the app Facebook View, which is available in the Play Store and App Store, allowing you to choose your best shots and share them on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp, or simply store them in your gallery.

And so you don’t feel limited when it comes to storage, these smart glasses can store up to 30 videos or 500 photos, which have an average quality, provided by the two 5 megapixel front cameras that equip this gadget, which by the way are not discreet at all, so they will not take people by surprise.

No harassment; Facebook smart glasses alert when you start recording or taking pictures

Although the cameras blend very well with the frame, the technology of these smart glasses It has a dynamic way of protecting people’s privacy, since the moment you start recording or taking a photograph, the lenses activate a small light that reveals the intention of the users, so the subjects around them will be alerted.

“We put an LED light on the front of the glasses so that the people around you know when you are taking a photo or video. It lights up so people know the camera is on and that’s more than smartphones do. “

Mark Zuckerberg

However, this does not make the glasses look unsightly or clunky, as Rocco Basilico, director of Wearables at EssilorLuxottica, a world leader in the design of ophthalmic sunglasses, highlighted in a video on the official website of Facebook that in the making of this gadget It was sought to generate a light, comfortable model with versatile styles.

That is why as part of this collection, three styles of iconic frames, four colors and six types of lenses were launched, among which, users can choose when selecting their smart device.

Ray-Ban Stories: Music for your ears and details for your style

In addition to the integrated camera, with the Ray Ban Stories you can forget about the uncomfortable headphones, since they also have open side speakers that allow you to take calls or listen to music while you move in your day to day.

In fact, it is also possible that you start a clip by means of a voice command very much in the style of Google, since just by saying “Hey Facebook take a video” the recording will begin.

Currently, Ray-Ban Stories They are available in six countries which are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia and Ireland, although the expansion of their commercialization is not ruled out. Its price is 299 dollars, the equivalent of about 6 thousand Mexican pesos.


Article: Soure