Facebook has already copied the most representative of TikTok

The Reels have come to Facebook to thus compete with TikTok, an application that has been gaining followers by millions for two years and that, currently, already looks Mark Zuckerberg’s companies in the eye.

Some time ago, Instagram decided to copy the Reels of TikTok, an audiovisual format of just a few seconds that was exploding in audience on the Chinese social network.

After a time of adaptation and seeing the success they have had, the parent company has decided that it is time to bring this option to Facebook, its sacred cow and the company’s main economic engine.

In this way, Mark Zuckerberg and his team continue with their policy of copying everything that works in the competition for their own applications.

While they were already on Instagram, now Reels comes to Facebook, and will initially be available in the United States for both Android and iOS.

The idea of ​​Reels on Facebook is not far from what has already been seen on TikTok or Instagram, since they will be short videos very accessible from the app and will consist of the typical ones: music, tricks, tips, art, special effects, etc.

The idea of ​​Facebook is that users when they see a Reel are easily hooked, being super easy to follow the creator, like his page, comment on the video, share it with your friends, etc.

Currently, Facebook is testing the possibility that Instagram users have their recommended Reels in the main Facebook application, which suggests that the Reels function is destined to be fully integrated between the two applications at some point in the future.

Like on Instagram, full screen ads will be coming soon between reels to be able to monetize this new type of content.

TikTok It is one of the applications of the moment. We teach you how to use it and some tricks to take advantage of it. Is that how it works.

Reels on Facebook will be configured by default to be public for users over 18 years of age, but you can change the audience at any time, choosing between audience, friends and others.

If they already crushed SnapchatIt is clear that Facebook’s intention is not to let TikTok continue to grow, and the only way they have is not allowing their product to differ much, hence the tactic of copying everything that works.

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