Facebook asks to find its employees with low work performance to fire them

Facebook you are identifying employees who are underperforming as they perform their jobs. According to through a note, the head of engineering of the social network sent this request to the directors of the company.

On Friday, Maher Saba, Facebook’s chief engineer, wrote to company managers with the directive to identify everyone on their team who they thought fell into the ‘need support’ category”, pointed out the medium.

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It was a worker of this social network who leaked the note. “The memo appeared over the weekend via Blind, an app popular with tech companies, by a Facebook employee. According to the note, individuals identified by managers as underperforming must undergo an internal evaluation process before the end of Monday for review”, he added.

Each person in charge has to think about each person in their team and the value they are contributing to Meta”, Saba stated in that document. “If a report is underperforming or you don’t see an effort, they are not the people we need, they are failing this company. As a person in charge, you cannot allow someone to be neutral or negative for Meta”, he added.

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In May, Meta implemented a reduction in staff hiring. In this way, it froze new incorporations for some levels and engineering departments. David Wenher, CFO of Facebookexplained that the main cause was “slower-than-expected revenue growth”. This happened after the founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerbergsaid that if more employees decide to leave the company, it would ensure that the company had the best people working for it.

This is the reason why Saba reiterates the following in the internal note to team managers: “I think we have amazing managers here and we depend on you to make sure we have the talent we need to operate in this new environment”.

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Facebook asks to find its employees with low work performance to fire them