Facebook and Instagram would stop working in several countries

Due to the new privacy laws that are dealt with in Europe, several countries could stop having access to Facebook and Instagram. However, at the moment WhatsApp permissions are not at stake, so it can continue to be used without difficulty.

In 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Community annulled the so-called Privacy Shield, the agreement that since 2016 had regulated the data transfer between the two powers and was applied in the Facebook and Instagram apps.

Since then, companies in Europe have been operating in limbo due to the preliminary agreement which should be transformed in the coming months into a definitive one. If an agreement is not reached between the companies on the use of the data obtained in the applications belonging to Meta, Facebook and Instagram could stop working in about a month.

Facebook and Instagram could stop working in Europe

If there is no change of course in Brussels in the next few days, Europeans could lose access to Mark Zuckerberg’s two main platforms, Facebook and Instagram. The draft that remains firm in Europe points to a total cut in the flow of data for these social networks if the Union government does not pronounce itself within a month on how and when personal data of Europeans can be transferred.

Facebook and Instagram could stop working in a month in Europe

Complaints to Facebook and Instagram

The complaint made in 2013 by the way in which the company (today called Meta) uses the data of its clients led the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) to require a information traffic blocking for Facebook and Instagram due to the absence of a legal framework for it.

what about whatsapp

Despite WhatsApp belongs to the company of Mark Zuckerberg, Meta, will not be affected due to the data policies it manages: it is slightly different from that of other social networks and has its own independent person in charge of managing them.

Facebook and Instagram in Europe

Facebook has more than 307 million daily active users in Europewhich represents about 10 percent of all its users and Instagram is also incredibly popular, and the region is the second largest source of income for the company, with an average revenue per user of about 68 euros per year.

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Facebook and Instagram would stop working in several countries