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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the development of new ways to monetize the company’s social media content creators.

Through a publicationthe entrepreneur highlighted the desire to see both Facebook and Instagram play a larger role in monetizing content creators on the internet.

Among the options are “paid online events, subscriptions, badges and newsletter”. Furthermore, Zuckerberg commented that these users will be able to help in the construction of the company’s metaverse.

Meta’s efforts to attract top content creators come after the company first saw a decline in user numbers.

In addition to the organizational and legal problems that have emerged in the media in recent months, the advance of other competitors has threatened the dominance of the company’s social networks.

In this sense, TikTok has been very successful as it already has a great team of exclusive influencers and initiatives aimed at NFTs.

Meta and its new sources of income for creators

Meta intends to give content creators the ability to offer exclusive articles to subscribers on other platforms. In this way, the profiles that sell a premium subscription on YouTube, for example, they will also be able to sell access to VIP groups on Facebook to these subscribers.

In addition, the Stars section of the social network will be open to all profiles that qualify as “qualified creators”: users who can monetize their reelslive videos or on demand.

The Reels Play Bonus program will also be available to more creators, who will be able to publish their reels from Instagram to Facebook and increase your monetization.

Regarding Instagram, Zuckerberg commented that the Creator Marketplace is already in the testing phase. In the near future, it will allow individuals and brands to share partnership opportunities.

NFT El Salvador Rodrigo Vidal

As for NFTs, Meta plans to soon allow more content creators to display their collectibles in this format, which could become another source of income for these users.

The use of non-fungible tokens on the company’s social media has long been discussed, with sources saying that Zuckerberg intends to create his own marketplace to mint and sell these assets within the Instagram and Facebook platforms.

NFTs on Instagram are currently being tested through Digital Collectibles since May. The feature should also come to Facebook soon, “starting with a small group of US creators,” according to the company’s CEO.


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Facebook and Instagram Users Will Be Able to Earn Money From NFTs, Says Mark Zuckerberg – BeInCrypto