Ephemeris of September 15: What happened in the world on a day like today

On September 15, 1997, Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered the domain .

Other anniversaries:

1521.- Carlos I of Spain grants the title of city to the population of Panamafounded by Pedrarias Dávila in 1519.

1885.- the russian chemist Constantin Fahlberg patents saccharinone of the oldest synthetic sweeteners.

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1821.- Proclamation of the independence from Spain of the Captaincy General of Guatemalathen formed by the current Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

1842.- Honduran statesman Francisco Morazán is shot in Costa Ricawho tried to impose political unity in Central America.

1921.- Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador form the Republic of Central America.

1935.- Germany: Nuremberg Laws Strip Jews of German Citizenship and they forbid their marriage with people of “German blood”.

1947.- Foundation of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) at Columbia University in New York, the world’s oldest association dedicated to computing.

1949.- The Christian Democrat Konrad Adenauer becomes the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany with 202 votes in favour, 142 against and 44 abstentions after his party won the elections the previous month.

1953.- Indian diplomat and politician Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit becomes the first woman to preside over the United Nations General Assembly.

1954.- In China, the National People’s Congress approves a new Constitution and Mao Tse Tung is appointed head of state.

1959.- Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev’s first visit to the US.

1960.- Congo: The General Joseph Mobutu overthrows the head of state, Josep Kasavubuand the President of the Government, Patricio Lumumba.

1965.- The new Constitution of Guatemala declares communism outlawed.

1976.- Soviet Union launches Soyuz 22 spacecraft into space with two crew members on board with the mission of photographing and studying the planet Earth.

1984.- Bolivian trade unionist Juan Lechín Oquendo is re-elected executive secretary of the Central Obrera Boliviana.

1995.- Closure in Beijing of the IV World Conference on Women: Reservation of 39 countries (mostly Catholic or Islamic denominations) to the Declaration and the Platform for Action.

1999.- Former Mexican prosecutor Mario Ruiz Massieu, accused of laundering drug money, commits suicide in the US.

2005.- Chile: The Supreme Court ratifies the definitive dismissal of the case against General Augusto Pinochet for the crimes of “Operation Condor”.

2006.- Fidel Castro is elected president of the Non-Aligned Movement for the second time.

2008.- The failure of the American investment bank Lehman Brothers triggers the biggest global financial crisis since 1929.

2017.- The Cassini spacecraft mission to Saturn ends after 13 years orbiting the planet.

2020.- Israel signs the Abraham Accords with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrainwith President Donald Trump as facilitator.

– The Supreme Court of Colombia sends to the Prosecutor’s Office a investigation against former president Alvaro Uribe for alleged links to three massacres.


1739.- Juan de VillanuevaSpanish architect.

1830.- Porfirio Diazformer president of Mexico.

1890.- Agatha ChristieBritish writer of mystery novels.

1894.-Jean RenoirFrench filmmaker.

1904.- Umberto II, last king of Italy.

1907.- Fay Wray, Canadian-American actress.

1914.- Adolfo Bioy Casares, Argentine writer.

1919.- Fausto CoppiItalian cyclist.

1928.- Cannonball AdderleyAmerican saxophonist.

1937.- Fernando de la Ruaformer president of Argentina.

[1945-JessyeNormanAmerican opera singer.

1946.- Oliver StoneAmerican filmmaker.

1951.- Johan NeeskensDutch footballer.

1972.- Letizia Ortiz RocasolanoQueen of spain.

1977: Tom HardyBritish actor.

1978: Eidur GudjohnsonIcelandic footballer.

1984.-Harrysecond son of Prince Charles and Diana of Wales.


1938.-Thomas WolfeAmerican writer.

1951.- Jacinto GuerreroSpanish composer.

1973.- Gustaf Adolf VIKing of Sweden.

2004.- Johnny Ramone, American guitarist.

2006.- Oriana FallaciItalian writer and journalist.

2007.- Colin McRaeScottish rally driver.

2008.- Richard WrightBritish musician, founding member of “Pink Floyd”.

2017.- Harry Dean StantonAmerican actor.

2018.- Kirin KikiJapanese actress.

2020.- Moussa Traoreformer dictator of Mali between 1968 and 1991.

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Ephemeris of September 15: What happened in the world on a day like today