End of the Dorsey era on Twitter: lights and shadows of the last great founder in the style of Steve Jobs

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and until now head of Twitter, announced this past monday your decision to step down as CEO. Thus closes an important stage in the social network. That of a person who not only founded the platform in 2006 together with his partners Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass, but also led it through two stages, and above all, represented a type of leader in current technology that, for the better Or worse, it seems in danger of extinction.

To get started, Dorsey was along with Zuckerberg the last founding CEO that was in charge of some of the big names of the current web. If anything he shared this honor with Spotify or Pinterest, surely at a lower level of relevance.

And also, Dorsey was the last perhaps that represented that aura of the unpredictable creator, one of the reasons that in fact made shareholders put him on the ropes. Dorsey was not an overly account-minded CEO, at least until the end, and his lifestyle mid-shift between long fasts and 10-day days of silent meditation eventually gave him the air of sorts. of different that he also was in charge of searching. Hence his comparisons to Steve Jobs largely they have persecuted him throughout his career. Especially after Dorsey was also ‘pushed away’ from Twitter (actually he was promoted but to a less executive position) in 2008 to return in 2015, in a situation with many similarities to the exodus and return of Jobs at Apple.

In fact, just like Jobs founded Pixar in that interlude, Dorsey also created Square in 2010 when he was more out than on Twitter.

Now, he is going to focus on his new obsession for a few years, cryptocurrencies and decentralization, precisely with Square, the online payments company that he led as CEO in parallel on Twitter, another of the things that brought him a large number of critics.

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End of the Dorsey era on Twitter: lights and shadows of the last great founder in the style of Steve Jobs