Employee alert: Bill Gates predicted it, it is already happening and it is worrying

It is not the first time that Bill Gates launches some catastrophic prediction, which worries locals and strangers. The business tycoon usually refers to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a big problem in the future.

On this occasion, the sayings of the creator of Microsoft they have to do with AI and employment. The worrying thing is that, according to official data, the same prediction would be coming true.

In his personal blog called Gates Notes, the tycoon assured that new technologies would change the way people work: “Entire industries will be reoriented around them,” he launched. Furthermore, he argued that even AIs could even come to replace teachers in the near future.

And this data became relevant from a report by Challenger, Gray & Christmasthe executive placement company in the United States: AI caused the loss of 4,000 jobs during the month of May in that country.

The report specifies that, during May of this year, a total of 80,000 workers were laid off in the North American country, which translates into an increase of 20% compared to the previous month and four times more than the same month in 2022.

Bill Gates, the business tycoon.

As specified, the AI ​​was involved in 3,900 of these departures; 5% of the total. In this way, it was established as the seventh cause of job loss in the last month.

Bill Gates slipped a terrifying prediction that is very close to coming true and worries everyone

Many of Gates’s predictions also have to do with the issue of climate crisissomething that is not surprising given the environmental vocation that the tycoon developed since he left the executive part of Microsoft.

The American philanthropist assured that humanity has until 2050 to eliminate the 51,000 million tons of greenhouse gases that are produced annually. If this does not happen in this way, a large number of the territories that are located in the northern and southern hemispheres of planet Earth would become uninhabitable.

Gates’ prediction becomes very relevant when NOAA’s global reference observatory located in Hawaii has recorded unprecedented levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.

These levels reached a maximum of 424 parts per million in the month of May, as revealed by the NOAA observatory. In this way, the presence of this gas in the atmosphere became more than 50% higher than before the start of the industrial era.

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Employee alert: Bill Gates predicted it, it is already happening and it is worrying