Elon Musk’s work method that saved Tesla: “We would be bankrupt”

The pandemic has shown the versatility of workers: some functions (obviously not all) can be carried out perfectly from the living room, just as if we were in the office but without having to travel. Nevertheless, telecommuting does not convince all employers.

Among them is Elon Muskwhich has already made it clear to Tesla workers who must return to the office, where they must spend at least 40 weekly. And it is that he affirms that if it were not for the presence, Tesla would have gone bankrupt shortly after starting.

The need to physically go to work, “where are your real co-workers”, he says, grows as the responsibilities associated with the job grow. “The more senior you are, the more visible your presence should be,” Musk wrote in the email he addressed to his employees. And he explains that this is the trick thanks to which he saved Tesla when it was in its infancy.

Side by side with the workers

“That’s why I lived so long in the factory: so that those on the line could see me working alongside them. If he had not done that, Tesla would have gone bankrupt a long time ago,” he recalled in the same email. According to this businessman’s theory, the fact that workers and employees see the director or CEO in the factory during their same working hours can motivate them to work by feeling that everyone is on equal terms, although, on the other hand, this technique can also put pressure on the hired staff.

Already in 2018, Musk explained that he slept and showered at the factory as he didn’t have time to go home: “I stay in the factory because I don’t think my employees have to be experiencing adversity while the CEO seems to be on vacation,” he said at the time, when the production of the Model 3 required Tesla’s production to give its best.

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Elon Musk’s work method that saved Tesla: “We would be bankrupt”