Elon Musk’s new millionaire business: a 100-euro perfume that has already sold 20,000 units

TeslaPaypal or SpaceX are some of the companies that
Elon Musk
he founded and thanks to which he has become the richest man in the world. In addition, the billionaire usually puts up for sale products that have nothing to do with his business, such as a flamethrower that he sold for 500 euros or some bottles of
which sold out in two hours. The last occurrence of his has been to launch a fragrance with a peculiar name ‘burnt hair (in English Burnt Hair).

The fragrance can be purchased by $100 (€104.95), through the website of its infrastructure company (The Boring Company). Musk himself has announced it on Twitter, encouraging his followers to buy it. He has even joked asking them to “buy the perfume, so he can
buy Twitter

At the moment the sales of fragrance, which is described on the web as “the essence of disgusting desire”, are going from strength to strength. As she has commented on Twitter, they have already been sold 20,000 unitsthat is, he would have already won more than Two millions of euros and that just three days have passed since the launch of the perfume was announced.

The millionaire has even changed his bio on Twitter, describing himself as a “perfume seller.” In addition, through the social network he has also wondered “why the idea had not occurred to him before given his name”. Musk in Spanish means muska substance widely used in perfumery and originally obtained from the glands of a species of deer.

Little else is known about the new business of
Elon Musk
. The perfume is presented in a peculiar bottle of scarlet red color. On Twitter, the millionaire describes it as “the finest fragrance on earth.” Buyers won’t be able to receive it until early 2023.

It is not known if it is a new eccentricity of the millionaire or, in fact, he has seen that the beauty business can be a way to increase his wealth that, according to Forbes, would be around 248 billion dollars.

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Elon Musk’s new millionaire business: a 100-euro perfume that has already sold 20,000 units