Elon Musk’s great satellite internet invention will not succeed in Spain due to the deployment of 5G

the bet of Elon Musk to create a internet satellite constellation to provide a broadband service with global coverage will not reap much fruit in Spain. At least that is what sources from the technology sector consulted by OKDIARIO think, considering that the 5G It will offer a more than sufficient service in urban centers, where most of the population is concentrated, and its use in more isolated areas thanks to the satellite connection, such as the countryside or the mountains, will be much more residual.

star linkthe aerospace group project SpaceXalso belonging to the tycoon, intends to put some 40,000 satellites around the earth through the rocket Falcon 9 to provide any point on the planet with the possibility of connecting to the internet. That is precisely its main advantage, positioning. It does not matter if one is in the moors of Mill of Aragon or on top of Mulhacen. This technology will allow direct access to these satellites, although there is currently no total connectivity in Spain by this means.

«The development of satellite internet in Spain is advanced because it is already functional and there are enough satellites to allow connections. But 100% coverage cannot be guaranteed. You are going to have falls, depending on the frequency of the satellites”, explain the same sources, who add that for now “the speeds are not stratospheric, we are talking about between 100 and 500 megsdepending on the connection.

beta phase

Starlink is now available on your beta phase in Spain, which is like a kind of test. The possibility of contracting the service is already a reality, but its operation is not optimal because satellites continue to be deployed. The big drawback is that the prices are very high, they warn. In Spain, the price of the satellite dish to connect to the satellites is 500 euros and then the fee is 100 euros per month for the connection. And it is expected that this amount will rise, the same sources predict.

All these factors make us hope that in Spain his start will not be brilliant, far from it. But there is a determining fact: the population centers are very large and people in general move to the countryside occasionally. Furthermore, with the 4G You can already get about 50 megabytes of connection for 5, 6 or 10 euros, and 5G is coming even in towns, where the antennas will have a connection with enough bandwidth and latency to not need Starlink. “Why are you going to go to a satellite connection of 100 euros per month simply to gain bandwidth?”, Ask the experts consulted.

Its fundamental use will therefore be in specific areas of the countryside where there are no antennas because they are isolated and connection stability is necessary, such as in scientific stations or rain gauges for meteorological services. “If you don’t have a connection, you have to go to the point and collect the data from the rain gauge. If you have a satellite connection, you leave the device to measure it, control it and send you the data, “they point out. In the rest of the areas, for the average user its usefulness will be little or null. “No one will hire you to see Netflix», they affirm.

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Elon Musk’s great satellite internet invention will not succeed in Spain due to the deployment of 5G