Elon Musk will not be able to escape (for now) the purchase of Twitter; they finned him with all

Twitter responded this Thursday, August 4, to the latest arguments presented by the businessman Elon Musk to “escape” from the social network purchase agreement. This comes as tension continues in a commercial dispute court in USA.

the president of TwitterBret Taylor, shared today in a Twitter message a 127-page document with which answered some arguments that Musk recently delivered confidentially in court to oppose the demand of the social network.

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In July, Twitter sued Musk in a Delaware court to force him to acquire the company, considering that he tried to annul the operation alleging that the social network did not provide him with the figures on false accounts that he required.

The last friday, the founder of Tesla filed a countersuit against Twitter that has not been made public in case the company demanded to hide sensitive information contained in its arguments, to which the network directives responded directly.

Taylor said that the arguments in Musk’s countersuit “are factually inaccurate, legally insufficient and commercially irrelevant”, as well as ensuring that the company is “waiting for trial”.

“According to Musk, he was tricked by Twitter into signing a $44 billion purchase agreement,” the document begins.

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The company quotes and rejects one by one more than two hundred paragraphs of Musk’s confidential counterclaim, in which he accuses Twitter of not giving him false account figures and manipulating “key metrics” of active users.

Twitter describes those arguments, which they include “a new set of excuses,” such as an “implausible story” created “to escape a purchase agreement that Musk no longer found attractive” once the stock market and its assets lost value.

This new chapter adds to the long dispute, which will have the trial to resolve the purchase on October 17, unless both parties agree on another date. This will last five days, according to recent communications from the court.

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Elon Musk will not be able to escape (for now) the purchase of Twitter; they finned him with all