Elon Musk wants to turn his Tesla Bot into a Terminator

After giving us the murga for years with which artificial intelligence and the terminators They were going to destroy us all, the interplanetary trilero Elon Musk has decided to build the most powerful and advanced robot in history. After making the announcement of your electric sheep dream, Tesla just published a pile of job postings for engineers to make the Tesla Bot.

If you want to send the curriculum, here are four of the job offers that have just been made public:

What points the blog Electrek, the posts give very concrete clues as to where the shots are going to go. One of the data is that Tesla imagines that these robots are going to “help colleagues in the factory”. We imagine that one of the first applications will be in the automobile company’s own factories, which are already among the most automated on the planet.

Diagram of the actuators of the Tesla Bot (Tesla)

But the most interesting thing is in the job offer for the mechanical engineers who will design the 40 Tesla Bot actuators. The announcement says that “this position is critical to the development of high performance linear and rotary electromechanical actuator systems for bipedal humanodid robots (Tesla Bot). Tesla actuators need to offer high performance, efficiency and torque density.” . According to Tesla, these engineers will join the team that will “develop the actuator systems most torsional force in the world. “

Enough strength to lift a car. OR break necks As if they were eggshells. What Tesla seeks is to create a superhuman robot That he has super strength, in addition to super strength and autonomous thinking, no matter how much he wants to sell us the motorcycle that it will only be to do repetitive and dangerous tasks (repetitive and dangerous is being a soldier, for example).

AI money isn’t scary

The irony of all this is that Elon Musk seems to have forgotten about the dangers of artificial intelligence and robots with superhuman capabilities. The same fears that I made him create Neuralink, whose mission is to unite human and machine brains but which until now has not offered any advance that has not been achieved before (in fact, scientists who work in this field for years they do not hesitate to call it a scam. “Pure theater”, they say).

A ’tile’ Dojo, Musk’s (Tesla) artificial intelligence superchip

But you can see that Musk was just scared Deep Mind, the artificial intelligence of the competition: Google. Now it’s time to sell your own AI – Dojo – and build robots that speed up the production of Tesla and Starship ships, as well as help future astronauts on the Martian surface. OR serve in the American Army or to the highest bidder.

Dojo is the supercomputer that is training Tesla’s next autopilot. Will also be the brain of the Tesla Bot. And, according to Musk, the most advanced AI chip architecture in the world. Like the Tesla Bot, if in the end it materializes as Musk boasts, it will become a service available to any corporation or government.

In other words: Musk is already riding his own Skynet and your own Terminator. And while he is sure well-intentioned – after all, he believes the messiah who will save humanity from the apocalypse with the colonization of Mars – the dangers of AI remain the same regardless of who is in charge.