Elon Musk turns to the Aragonese Baltasar Gracián in the middle of the war against Twitter

The billionaire and founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, has just published a tweet on Monday in which, plain and simple, mentions the Aragonese Jesuit Baltasar Gracián and his famous works ‘Oraculo Manual’ and ‘Arte de Prudencia’ Does it have something to do with the open war that Musk has with Twitter for the purchase of the social network? Although it may seem strange, it is not.

Elon Musk has been monopolizing the public eye for a few months for his comings and goings regarding the acquisition of the social network, and this situation is what could have led the billionaire to read the aphorisms of the Aragonese in search of advice. Specifically, a couple that the one from Belmonte includes in ‘Arte de prudencia’, in which he talks about merchandise and price, and even “disrepute”.

“It is better to be deceived in the price than in the merchandise” and “The complaint always brings discredit” are the sentences of Gracián that lead to think that Musk could be appealing to the directors of Twitter.

Specifically, this scuffle between Musk and the technology giant began to surface last April when the tycoon made public that had acquired 9.2% of the shares of the blue bird social network, after at the end of March the businessman criticized the social network in several tweets about the freedom of expression that was breathed in the space. Along the same lines, a day earlier he had asked his followers about whether the Twitter algorithm should be open.

Some time later and when it seemed that there was an offer on the table with which both parties were satisfied, the tycoon caused the shares of the technology giant to plummet after publicly questioning the number of missing accounts that existed in the ocean of the social network. Leading to a “gap” in the agreement, which has currently caused buyers and sellers to be in full legal battle.

But this is not the most important issue, and it is that Musk is a great regular on the social network where he has starred in several controversies, such as his support and rejection of the ‘dogecoin’ cryptocurrency, which caused dizzying fluctuations. Also, the hints that the billionaire shares in his publications are controversial and very common. Messages that on many occasions they leave many with the fly behind their ear, as no one understands what they mean. For example, last April Musk wrote “Oh hi lol”.

Due to that attitude and the personality that Musk shows, it would not be inappropriate to think that the tycoon respected the figure of Gracián in a certain way, since the latter in his facet as a Jesuit was “very disobedient” for writing circumventing the Company’s censorship, his actions resulting in his being banned from teaching and exile to a small college in Grauson the province of Huesca.

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Elon Musk turns to the Aragonese Baltasar Gracián in the middle of the war against Twitter