Elon Musk throws darts at Jeff Bezos after Amazon’s latest protest against SpaceX

The “club” of multimillionaire entrepreneurs is not exactly a fraternity. And this is evident every time their interests collide, or those of their respective companies. Therefore, it is not surprising that they turn to social networks to launch darts, some more subtle than others. This time it was the turn of Elon Musk, who crossed Jeff Bezos following Amazon’s most recent claim against SpaceX.

In recent days, Kuiper Systems, a subsidiary of Amazon, sent a letter of protest to the Federal Communications Commission of the United States (FCC). In the same request that the authorization requested by SpaceX for the second generation of the Starlink satellite network be denied.

The complaint is not against SpaceX’s plan to launch 30,000 new satellites for the structure that aims to bring the internet to the entire world. Amazon’s objection is specifically against a modification on the original plan that the Elon Musk firm filed earlier this month. In it, authorization is sought for two configurations to align the Starlink satellites; however, Kuiper Systems assures that the proposal is “too broad and speculative”, and that it does not comply with the FCC regulations.

SpaceX ensures that it will only use one of the settings, and that the rest will serve as a backup. It is clear that Amazon is not very convinced about that statement. The truth is that Elon Musk chose to take the bull by the antlers. In his own way and through Twitter, of course.

“Turns out Bezos retired to get a full-time job filing lawsuits against SpaceX”, the businessman published in response to a tweet from Christian Davenport, a journalist from The Washington Post (medium owned by the former Amazon CEO, in fact). Quirky fact: Elon Musk wrote “Kisses” instead of “Bezos” in the original post. Could it have been a bad intervention of the autocorrect?