Elon Musk: the only possession on Earth that someone who wants to get to Mars clings to

Elon Musk (49) has broken into the Forbes list this year thanks to his eagerness to revolutionize transportation both on Earth, through the electric car maker Tesla, and in space, through the rocket producer SpaceX. With an estimated fortune of 151,000 million dollars according to Forbes, also the president of SolarCity and co-president of OpenAI, He assured at the beginning of the year that his intention was to get rid of all his belongings.

“Basically I will not have possessions with monetary value, apart from the stocks of the companies. If things are intense at work, I like to sleep in the factory or in the office. And obviously I need a place if my kids are there. So I’ll rent a house or something like that, ”Musk explained earlier in the year.

Shortly after confirmed that he had acquired a prefabricated house valued at around 42,000 euros located in Boca Chica very close to Starbase (SpaceX), the city or space base -or a compendium of both- that it is building in Texas, and from which it intends to conquer Mars.

But to fulfill his promise and invest all his resources in his objective of colonizing the space, it was mandatory that he part with his most precious possession: a home located in the exclusive Hillsborough neighborhood of San Francisco (United States) and which is valued at 31.5 million euros.


Musk’s most prized possession.The New York Post / Realtor

In fact, for three months the house has been on the market, but Elon Musk has decided to withdraw it because he is unable to get rid of a home that he considers “special” and that he was not willing to sell it to anyone.

A) Yes, as reported by The New York PostAlthough the billionaire has sold various belongings and properties worth 100 million dollars in an effort to focus all his attention on the colonization of Mars, it seems that there is a place on Earth that he is unable to say goodbye to. The house in question, which you will rent for events, is a home here on Earth that you cannot part with.

Specific, the mansion over 100 years old It is located on a 20,000 square meter lot, has views of the bay, a swimming pool, private trails, and even a reservoir. The house itself has 9 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, among other equipment. Although beyond the characteristics of the ostentatious property, the main reason to retain it is sentimental. And that is priceless.

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