Elon Musk: ‘The failure of Netflix is ​​due to the virus of the woke thing’

Elon Musk has not been slow to give his opinion on the problematic situation he is facing Netflix. the streaming portal lose millions of subscribers in the coming months, a blood that has affected in company listing, which has lost almost 40% of its stock market value in just a few hours. While the streaming portal think it’s because users share accounts and search models with advertisingMusk is clear: the problem of the plummeting is the political agenda woke up of their productions.

Elon Musk believes that Netflix’s political agenda has to do

Elon Muskright now involved in an obsessive purchase of the entirety of Twitter, that it is costing you more than expectedDo not hesitate to express your opinion. According to him, the loss of subscribers has an obvious reason. Musk has charged against the streaming platform through his official Twitter account, explaining that it has been the woke up which has caused hundreds of thousands of people to be deleted from the service. “The virus of woke up is making Netflix unwatchable”explained the person in charge of SpaceX or Tesla.

But what does he mean? well the word ‘woke’that comes from ‘wake up’ either wakehas been associated in recent decades with different movements against social injusticelooking for a bigger inclusion, representation or diversity in the most varied cultural and political aspects. If we want a more formal definition, like the one in the oxford dictionary, translates to “Be alert to injustice in society, especially racism.” this movement has permeated many industrieslike that of entertainmentand that is what, according to Musk, has generated much rejection among viewers for his constant and omnipresent proselytism.

“The woke virus is making Netflix unwatchable”

Some Twitter users have applauded Musk’s words, and supported his argument.. “It’s not just Netflix. Movies in general, video games, television, everything is infested with the garbage of the woke up Y there is a fear of offending“continued one of them. Elon Musk, who agrees with this statement, has also applauded those who think that, to some extent, everything is related to the quality of the product. content. “There is nothing original, except for what comes from places like Japan or Korea, which is very ironic,” concluded another.

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Elon Musk: ‘The failure of Netflix is ​​due to the virus of the woke thing’