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The CEO of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), Elon Musk, made an appearance at The Wall Street Journal’s Annual CEO Council last Monday night via live video conference from a Tesla factory.

About Tesla and SpaceX

Musk noted that he spends his time evenly between Tesla and SpaceX, the two companies of which he is CEO. He explained that he organizes the tasks to be carried out.

Speaking of retaking the position as chairman of Tesla, he noted that titles mean nothing and that “CEO” is a “made up title.”

According to Musk, he took the TechnoKing title as a joke because “these titles don’t mean too much.”

The executive referred to several ongoing projects in the companies. On Tesla’s humanoid robot, the Tesla Bot, he commented that they are “effectively creating the most advanced practical AI to navigate the real world.”

About efforts in AI

Tesla is the world’s largest robot company, according to Musk, as cars are basically robots on four wheels, a statement he also made earlier during the Tesla Bot presentation on AI Day.

About when the humanoid robot would come out, the Tesla CEO made no promises, but said they will “do it right.” The robot could be a substitute for human labor as the population shrinks, as he added.

The Cybertruck is probably Tesla’s “best product,” according to Musk, and it will be “incredible.” The executive has indicated that the company expects a volume production by 2023.

About SpaceX Starship

Starship is a “complicated, complicated” project, according to Musk, but it was an essential project for humanity to become a space civilization.

The businessman outlined a number of technological challenges that SpaceX must overcome in order for the project to be a success. Key among them are the ability to lift heavy loads and maximize the usability of the spacecraft.

Neuralink also came up as a topic during the council interview. Musk said it could help seriously injured people with spinal cord injuries regain mobility.

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Elon Musk talks about the CEO title and Tesla’s best product | Benzinga Spain