Elon Musk Recommends “50 Cognitive Biases” to Succeed

“If we think of the human brain as a computer, cognitive bias is basically an error in the code, causing us to perceive input differently or generate output that is illogical,” he noted.

As stated, there are also other types of biases that are not necessarily cognitive, such as social proof theory, which is one of the most popular social psychological biases. Furthermore, there may be cognitive theories that are not necessarily considered biases, or rather, are more like a web of tangled common biases, such as cognitive dissonance, that causes mental discomfort when we have conflicting ideas or beliefs in our minds. Then there is the world famous placebo effect, which can actually result in physiological changes.

Knowing this list of biases, ranging from those related to learning, to social ones to those related to money and politics, it can help us make more informed decisions and figure out when we are wrong. “They should be taught to everyone at an early age,” said the South African entrepreneur and tycoon on his account. Twitter.

One of these biases, the so-called “Naive realism”, and is described as follows: “We believe that we observe objective reality and that other people are irrational, misinformed or biased.” Meanwhile, the “Bystander effect” refers to those cases in which individuals who are witnesses to a crime do not offer any form of assistance to victims when other people are present.

Some other biases include; the “Google effect” or digital amnesia, We tend to forget information that is easily searched for in search engines. The “Gambler’s fallacy”, We believe that future possibilities are affected by past events; and the “False memory”, when we mistake imagination for real memories. The list also talked about the “efecto Dunning-Kruger” which states that a person’s confidence is inversely proportional to their knowledge.

As we navigate an increasingly complex world, it is natural for us to unconsciously adopt new patterns of behavior. Being aware of our cognitive biases and their implications can help us stay on track.

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Elon Musk Recommends “50 Cognitive Biases” to Succeed