Elon Musk puts on sale the perfume “Burnt Hair” for men, and it’s not a joke

Elon Musk has done it again. He sells again an absurd product, like he already did with the flamethrower, and already has 10,000 orders in a few hours.

The next Suburb fashion is called Burnt Hair either burnt hairbye Elon Musk. The “disgusting desire essence”, as described on the website of The Boring Company, the Musk company that has put it up for sale. Cost €104.95 with shipping to Spain, and has already sold 10,000 units in a few hours.

the entrepreneur Elon Musk He has been in a situation of great stress for a few months, for the twitter buyso we assume this is a humorous release valve, as he did with his famous This-is-not-a-flamethrower.

A somewhat absurd and a bit childish joke that has become a reality, and as happened with the famous flamethrowersure to sell thousands of units and earn a few million dollars.

Elon Musk’s Burnt Hair cologne

It all started last September, when Musk posted a tweet on Twitter announcing that he was going to market a fragrance for men. He often posts a lot of incomprehensible tweets, so people laughed it off.

But Elon Musk was dead serious. Today your company The Boring Companythe same company that marketed the flamethrower, has put up for sale Burnt Hairperfume burnt hairthe “essence of disgusting desire”, as the website itself describes it.

The page is not very explicit with its description. It is a red bottle, shaped like a ruby, but we do not know the amount of fragrance it contains, nor its content.

Only a couple of humorous descriptions appear: “Like leaning over a candle at the table, but without all the hard work,” and “Stand out from the crowd! Make a statement as you walk through the airport.”

Equivalences of Mercadona perfumes and colognes

getting to know Elon Muskwe are sure that the Suburb will smell authentic burnt hair. And it seems that it will be a success, because the Tesla CEO himself has confirmed that They have already sold 10,000 units. At 100 euros a jackpot, he has already pocketed a million euros with the prank.

Burnt Hair either burnt hairthe new fragrance of Elon Muskis already for sale a price of €104.95 in the Web of The Boring Company Unfortunately, if you were thinking of giving it to your loved ones this Christmas, it will not be possible, since they will not start shipping until early 2023. There is a lot of hair to burn to fill that much bottle of cologne…

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Elon Musk puts on sale the perfume “Burnt Hair” for men, and it’s not a joke