Elon Musk plans to declare bankruptcy on Twitter: “It can’t be ruled out”

DIt is of what Elon Musk announce their intention to buy Twitter Until the closing of the operation and the current crisis, nearly seven months have passed. In between, several attempts to back down, layoffs, employee flight, crossing statements and decisions of the most committed. All this has led the social network to an unprecedented trance that could end in bankruptcy.

Apparently, Elon Musk met with the employees of the social network on Thursday at the San Francisco headquarters and informed them of the status of the accounts. In addition, he made a startling statement, according to Bloomberg: “Declaration of bankruptcy cannot be dismissed”. In addition, I announced that telework time is over and that, therefore, they must return to their posts or risk being fired.

Executive flight hits Twitter

In the last few hours, numerous Twitter executives have left their positions following the direction taken by the company. Since Yoel Roth and Robin Wheeler until now Kissner, Damien Kieran and Marianne Foggertyhighest security officials.

Yoel Roth and Robin Wheeler served as two supporting figures for Musk. Both had supported the South African businessman’s policy of communicating to Twitter users his intention that they should pay for the verified blue. Every Musk tweet was retweeted by them, but the support has barely lasted and both have tendered their resignations, according to Bloomberg.

These numerous abandonments are coupled with Musk’s plans to lay off 75% of the workforce of Twitter, which he already made clear once he took control of the company a few weeks ago. According to Musk, the leakage of advertisers is a problem and that is why they must work to regain their trust, as well as ensure that users end up paying for the ads. eight dollars for the ‘check’, something that has raised enormous suspicion by numerous famous faces, including the writer Stephen King.

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Elon Musk plans to declare bankruptcy on Twitter: “It can’t be ruled out”