Elon Musk on his way to becoming the world’s first billionaire thanks to SpaceX

After what SpaceX became the second most valuable private company in the world and managed to double its market value, the financial multinational Morgan Stanley predicted that the founder of the aerospace company, Elon Musk, could become the first billionaire on the planet.

According to the most recent estimates, Elon Musk’s SpaceX went from $ 52 billion in July to be worth more than $ 100 billion.

The private space exploration company “is challenging any preconceived notion of what was possible and the possible time frame, in terms of rockets, launch vehicles and supporting infrastructure, “wrote Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas in a note titled” SpaceX Escape Velocity … Who Can Catch Them? “

SpaceX’s technological development “has the potential to transform investor expectations in the space industry,” the analyst said. “Talk about space before Starship it’s like talking about the internet before Google“, collects CNBC.

The SpaceX company has great potential, according to Morgan Stanley. AFP photo

The main driver of the massive valuation update is Starlink, SpaceX’s “constellation” of small satellites configured to transmit broadband internet all over the world (and into new markets) from space.

While Morgan Stanley values ​​SpaceX’s launch business at $ 12 billion and its unproven point-to-point space travel at $ 9 billion, the bank has raised Starlink’s estimated value to $ 81 billion, in compared to $ 42 billion, based on a potential estimate from 235 million to 364 million globally by 2040.

Currently, SpaceX represents less than 17% of equity Musk’s $ 236 billion net worth, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

This comes after a sale of SpaceX shares last week, Elon Musk managed to reinforce his leadership, thus increasing the gap it maintains with other billionaires What Jeff Bezos.

More than one client has told us that if Elon Musk becomes the first billionaire … it won’t be because Tesla. Others have pointed out that SpaceX may eventually be the most valuable company in the world, in any industry, “added the expert.

Tesla’s success

Tesla's growth helped give Musk a big boost. Photo Bloomberg

Tesla’s growth helped give Musk a big boost. Photo Bloomberg

For Musk to become the world’s first billionaire, much of the success stems from Tesla’s stock performance.

Tesla’s rally started last year and sent Musk’s net worth skyrocketing and the rise continues to climb. On Monday alone, it increased its founder’s net worth by $ 6.6 billion.

It is calculated that Musk owns about half of SpaceX, so the rocket company still has a way to go before it can take its founder into a four-digit orbit.

The adventure of exploring is not included in the estimates. Mars and deep space, which both Anderson’s Space Capital and Morgan Stanley do not include in their valuation. “It is almost impossible to specify what the opportunities are.”

Until arrival on the Red planet, it is a long way to go, with many potential obstacles. As a private company, SpaceX does not disclose its income. In 2018, the company made about $ 2 billion in revenue, according to an estimate from investment bank Jefferies.


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