Elon Musk named Time Magazine Person of the Year

Time magazine named Person of the year to this character who thinks he is similar to a god for “throwing satellites into orbit and taking advantage of the sun.” That’s right: Elon Musk has joined the proud list of Time who named in 1938 Adolf Hitler.

What does it take to qualify for such an honor? With $ 244 billion USD, Musk is the richest man in the world; In absolute numbers, he is the richest man in history. You might think this means that Musk has done a lot of useful things for humanity.

But what exactly does it do? It is an automobile manufacturer. But Tesla doesn’t actually sell many cars, about a tenth of those of Ford or General Motors. Supposedly “autonomous” vehicles are tremendously dangerous. Musk gets most of his money from certificate trading and old-fashioned financial speculation.

Musk, we are told, is developing environmentally friendly technology. But the electric cars They are a scam that consumes vast resources. Musk then invests the proceeds in spaceflight that emits more carbon dioxide in a few minutes of what most people could create in their entire lives. He’s closer to a villain than Captain planet than from an environmental inventor.

Musk’s scam with E-Autos not only does it not help the environment. It is actively diverting resources from simpler supply chains that could actually reduce emissions, such as making public transportation more affordable and more reliable. Musk said in one conference:

“I think public transportation is painful. Stinks. Why do you want to do something with many other people …? It’s a pain in the butt. That’s why everyone doesn’t like it. And there are like a lot of random strangers, one of whom could be a serial killer. “.

Could it be a serial killer?!? Personally, the one who builds killer robots that run over pedestrians is more worrisome than anyone on the bus. Musk might like the subway if he ever tried it.

Musk, Jeff Bezos, and other billionaires don’t seem to believe that human civilization has much of a future on Earth. Everyone is interested in getting off the planet. It is never a good sign for men in power to run for emergency exits.

Let’s take a minute to compare the billionaires of today to the industry titans of a century ago. Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, and everyone else were terrible people by any measure. But at least they tried to convince people that their existence was somehow beneficial, putting their names in libraries and universities.

Now, capitalism only lifts up Twitter trolls. Instead of advancing humanity, the richest men engage in contests Unimaginably expensive to see who flies the highest. Bezos goes for a ride into the upper atmosphere and then jokes with his employees, who are forced to urinate in bottles and die in tornadoes, that “you paid for this.” And they did.

Like the founder of Amazon, Musk is known for destroying unions. When Covid-19 began to spread in the United States, Musk forced his employees to work, and the brain of the galaxy reported that “coronavirus panic is nonsense”. On March 20, 2020, he predicted: “Based on current trends, probably close to zero new cases in the US by the end of April.”. It was said by the Person of the Year 2021.

However, the strange thing is that Musk claims that he does not believe in the kind of capitalist exploitation that made him rich. In the profile of Time, described a future that sounds like Star Trek communism, where robots do all the work: “There is for everyone, essentially, you have the freedom to do what you want, as long as it does not cause harm to others.”

Musk currently enjoys that kind of freedom, but he is free as a capitalist because workers are not free. And we will not be free if we continue to enrich the speculators of the pandemic like Musk so they can play with rockets. We need to put all that obscene wealth under democratic control, so that it can be used by everyone.

It was recently seen the billionaire’s girlfriend reading the Communist Manifesto. He could have said later that this was a joke. But young people around the world are talking about these ideas. Do we want to pay for a guy’s fancy space flight to Mars while the planet burns? Or do we want schools, hospitals and a decent life for all?

Musk is the perfect embodiment of decaying capitalism. He’s the worst person in a terrible year.

Originally published on December 23, 2021 in ExBerliner and in Left Voice.

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Elon Musk named Time Magazine Person of the Year