Elon Musk isn’t particularly impressed by the metaverse

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You put a microphone in front of Elon Musk and it is very possible that you will have several headlines in a few minutes. The same is what happened this week with the intervention of the CEO of Tesla in the middle The Babylon Bee. Musk spoke of the metaverse, climate change or even aliens.

In the podcast they asked him his opinion on the metaverso, the project of the formerly known as Facebook that hopes to create an immersive virtual reality environment in which people can interact with others. For Musk, at least for now, it is still an empty word “in”. As explained:

I’m not sure I accept this idea of ​​metaverse stuff. You can of course put a television on your nose, but I’m not sure that makes you ‘the metaverse’ you know?

I don’t see someone holding a damn screen to their face all day and never wanting to leave. That seems… no way. I think we are far from disappearing into the Metaverse. Sounds just like a buzzword. I don’t want to sound like an old jerk who dismisses the internet like 1995 saying it won’t get anywhere, there is some danger, but I can’t currently see a convincing metaverse.

SHe was subsequently asked about other varied topics that touched on from the planet’s environmental problems to UFOs. On climate change he said the following:

I am not in the field of super alarmist global warming. I don’t think we’re screwed over by current carbon emissions. However, there is a lot of inertia in the direction of the extraction and burning of hydrocarbons. The world is still overwhelmingly dependent on mining and burning hydrocarbons, so if this continues and we actually start increasing CO2 in the atmosphere, there is an increased risk of climate change, warming of the oceans and rising sea levels. I think it’s probably not a smart risk.

Finally, it was suggested that he express his views on the subject of extraterrestrial life. Musk said he hasn’t seen any real evidence yet, but from this idea, perhaps humanity can be inspired. “If anyone knew about the extraterrestrial evidence, it would be me, and I haven’t seen anything,” he said. “Where are the aliens? Perhaps there are none in this galaxy. Perhaps what we have here on Earth is a very, very rare situation. In any case, we should not let that candle go out ”, he settled.[[The Babylon Bee]

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Elon Musk isn’t particularly impressed by the metaverse