Elon Musk: his simple advice for investing in stocks

Recently, the programmer owner of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, made a trill that became a trend in which he gave recommendations on the purchase and sale of sharesbecause, according to him, it is one of the most common questions that users ask.

Musk has been the topic of conversation for many Internet users and the media because he recently acquired Twitter for 44 billion dollars. (176 billion pesos).

The businessman has always been very active on this social network and one of the topics he most frequently mentions is his finances.

This time, the programmer explained to his more than 90 million followers when it is convenient to buy shares and when it is time to sell them.

Since I’ve been asked a lot about this: Buy stock in companies that provide products and services that you truly trust.”, reads the trill.

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Sell ​​the stock if you think those products and services are no longer selling well. Don’t panic if this happens in the market”, he added.

“This will serve you well in the long run,” he concluded.

After having acquired the social network, several people have speculated about possible future purchases of the tycoon.

That is why there has been a lot of talk on social networks about Musk’s intention to acquire the famous beverage company CocaCola.

The programmer has resorted to humor to speak about it. In a recent publication he wrote: “Soon I will buy Coca Cola to incorporate cocaine again.”

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This has not been the only funny and sarcastic statement he has made. Due to the furore that Musk’s possible acquisitions have caused, several memes and jokes have emerged about it.

One of these was an image in which, through Photoshop, a trill is simulated in which Musk would affirm that he is going to buy McDonald’s, the renowned hamburger chain, to fix the ice cream machines that are broken.

The programmer quoted the post commenting graciously, “Hey, I can’t do miracles, okay?”

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Elon Musk: his simple advice for investing in stocks