Elon Musk has a new competitor: an Argentine converts his old Renault into an electric car

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The 1998 Clio model has already been approved by the Argentine authorities and is circulating through the streets of the city of Córdoba.

This unusual feat was achieved by Matías Parmigiani, a Marketing technician who decided to replace the combustion engine in his vehicle with an electric one that was more environmentally friendly.

According Explain the website cronista.comIn Argentina it is very rare to see electric cars driving on the streets. That is why many people are surprised when they see the modest Clio de Matías sharing the charging station of the Córdoba Provincial Energy Company (EPEC) with the city’s imposing trolleybuses.

“My car is not the first to be converted to electric in Córdoba. The peculiarity is that I managed the papers and its ‘new engine’ is homologated in the registry,” Parmigiani explained to the newspaper La Voz.

It is not a simple task

Converting a gasoline or diesel car into an electric one is more complicated than a simple engine change, explains the Argentine media. And it is that when the propulsion system of a car is modified, the National Directorate of Automotive Property Registry (Dnrpa) is more demanding. Among the papers that must be submitted is a homologation by an electrical or electromechanical engineer.

The investment required to convert a car is between $ 6,000 and $ 12,000. The total cost depends on the type of vehicle, the power of the engine and the type of batteries. In addition, you have to remove everything from the gearbox to the engine and the fuel tank must be replaced by batteries.

However, despite all the work and costs involved in a conversion of this type, in the end it is cheaper than buying a new electric vehicle. Currently in Argentina there are a single company that manufactures electric vehicles and its first model, the Tito, it costs about US $ 15,000.