Elon Musk denies having talked to Putin about the use of nuclear weapons | D.W. | 10.12.2022

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has denied a report that he spoke with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin before his controversial peace overtures in the Ukraine war, including the possibility of using nuclear weapons.

This is not true, Musk wrote in a tweet on Tuesday (10/11/2022). “I have only spoken to Putin once and it was 18 months ago,” he added. This time it was about space travel.

Musk is not only the head of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, but also runs the space company SpaceX.

Musk’s ideas draw criticism

The 51-year-old star businessman had proposed, among other things, that Ukraine give up the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia in exchange for an end to the war and the holding of referendums in the Russian-occupied territories.

In the face of Russian aggression, the ideas – which coincide with the Russian ones – provoked much criticism. The website Viceciting the political consultancy Eurasia Group, previously reported that Musk had spoken to Putin before the tweets. Eurasia Group CEO Ian Bremmer referred to Musk’s own remarks in an email to company clients.

In the bulletin, Bremmer further said that Musk claimed to have been informed by Putin that war goals would be achieved “no matter what,” including the possible use of a nuclear weapon if Ukraine retook the territory of Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014. .

Bremmer claimed that Musk told him that “everything possible had to be done to avoid that outcome.”

Recently, Russia has announced the annexation of four occupied territories after holding referendums, which is a violation of international law, which is not recognized internationally. Following Ukraine’s ideas, Musk also suggested turning Taiwan into a “special administrative zone” under Chinese rule, drawing outrage from the Taipei government.

FEW (dpa, The Guardian, Vice)

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Elon Musk denies having talked to Putin about the use of nuclear weapons | D.W. | 10.12.2022