Elon Musk debunks rumor that he plans to buy far-right network OAN

Elon MuskCEO of Tesla, denied rumors that he was considering the purchase of the television network NAO (One America News), centered on the MAGA movement (Make America Great Again).

Less than an hour after the owner of NAORobert Herring, pitched the idea as a possible rumor in TwitterMusk distanced himself from the network.

“We just got a call from someone very close to @elonmusk saying he’d like to talk to us about buying @OANN,” Herring wrote.

Musk responded to the rumor by saying “just Twitter,” in reference to his attempts to buy the mobile giant. social networks.

The news is likely to be a crushing disappointment to ultra-conservative supporters of NAOwhich broadcasts editorial content and conspiracy theories that are often far to the right, even from foxnews.

Recently, DirecTV abandonment NAOa measure that, according to the chain, could force it to close, since almost all its income came from that agreement.

“Let us pray”, wrote a follower of NAO in response to Herring’s initial rumor tweet.

Musk has become a savior figure for some conservatives who use social media. After news broke that he planned to buy Twitter, rumors began to circulate in conservative circles that he would reinstate banned right-wing users, including former President Donald Trump and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Despite the fact that the CEO of Tesla tends to have right-wing social opinions, he does not seem to have any interest in removing NAO from the sewer

According to Ars Technicathe network sued the owner of DirecTV, AT&Tafter alleging breach of contract.

“As a result of the conduct of AT&T, AT&T Services, DirecTV and Kennard, NAO Y A.W.E. could be forced off the air because Herring will no longer be able to broadcast NAO Y A.W.E. via DirecTV and Herring currently has limited alternative transportation options,” the lawsuit reads.

The company claims that AT&T is trying to wield its power to limit Americans’ viewing choices.

“This is an action to redress the unchecked influence and power that Defendants have wielded in an attempt to unlawfully destroy an independent, family-owned business and impede the right of American viewers to view the media channels and programs. of your choosing,” Herring Networks states in the lawsuit.

In addition to losing their main source of income, NAO was also sued by Dominion Voting Systems for $1 billion, after accusing the network of spreading misinformation about the 2020 election.

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Elon Musk debunks rumor that he plans to buy far-right network OAN