Elon Musk clarifies what the third part of his Master Plan will bring us

In March of this year, Elon Musk revealed on Twitter that was already working on the third part of the Tesla Master Plan. Without clarifying anything else, speculation began about what the leader had in mind 16 years after the first half and six years after the second. Three months later, Musk still hasn’t released any plans, though according to him he posts Electrek, During a meeting held on the night of June 8 with all the company’s employees, the leader has clarified some ideas about him.

One of the employees urged the CEO to explain what the new plan was about, to which Musk replied: “The third part of the Master Plan has to do with with the scale of the company. To change the entire energy infrastructure and transportation infrastructure of the earth, there has to be a very large scale. We have to ask what is the actual measurement in tons of materials. If we look back, the figure is 300 TWh of installed energy capacity in vehicles and stationary installations in the form of batteries, so how do you achieve that tonnage from a mining and refining point of view so that it is sustainable?

In summary, “That’s what Master Plan Part 3 is: how do you get to scale enough to actually change the entire energy infrastructure of Earth?Musk clarified.

In this sense, lately, Tesla has been increasing its partnerships with mining companies with the aim of ensuring the long-term supply of critical minerals for the production of batteries, such as nickel and lithium. The manufacturer has even talked about getting directly involved in the mining and refining business. The new Gigafactories launched in recent weeks, Texas and Berlin, which are added to the two already in operation, Fremont and Shanghai, are the lever for Tesla’s plan now to build Giga-scale factories quickly and efficiently.

Elon Musk tesla master plan part 3-inside
As Elon Musk explained, scaling the company to be sustainable, that is the essence of the third part of the Tesla Master Plan. The leader opens the possibility of introducing Tesla in the mining industry.

Tesla Master Plans

On August 2, 2006, Elon Musk wrote a blog post titled: “The secret master plan of Tesla Motors (just between you and me)“. The plan was aimed at completely changing the automotive sector:

  1. To create a low-volume electric car of saleswhich due to its high price would only be available to some customers who wanted to differentiate themselves from the rest: the Tesla Roadster.
  2. With the benefits of this first model, it would be developed a second medium-volume electric carwith a slightly more affordable price: Tesla Model S Y Tesla Model X.
  3. With the benefits of this electric vehicle create a third high-volume model of sales: Tesla Model 3.
  4. Providing customers with solar energy to recharge their vehicles at home and on the charger network: Tesla Energy.

It goes without saying that achieving these four achievements was not an easy task for Tesla, but what is evidence is that he did it.

In July 2016, when Tesla was delivering Model 3 and acquiring Solar City, which are basically the last two steps of the first part of this master plan, Musk released the second part in which he presented four new lines of work.

  1. Expand the Tesla product line to all segments: including the heavy goods transport and urban passenger transport.
  2. Bet on the solar energyfor distributed generation systems and for storage in stationary batteries, the continuation of point 4 of the first part of the plan.
  3. Bet on the autonomous vehicles fully developing the autopilot up to a level 4 or 5.
  4. Develop a car sharing platform that allows the owners of a Tesla to put their vehicle at the service of others when they are not using it, which will be an economic benefit for them.

Among those new segments that Musk named in the plan, he mentioned “a new type of truck”, which has finally ended up being the cyber truck. Also a “compact SUV”, the ModelYplus a “heavy-duty truck,” which became the Tesla Semi. He finally spoke of a rumored “high-density urban transit” vehicle that could come about through a partnership with The Boring Company. In 2018, Musk unveiled his first prototype tunnel to streamline busy traffic in the city of Los Angeles. His cars could move through these tunnels thanks to an adapted system that would drag them inside. Tesla added the possibility of creating an electric vehicle with greater capacity than a car that could also use this system and presented a conceptual image.

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Elon Musk clarifies what the third part of his Master Plan will bring us