Elon Musk changes the rules of Twitter: telecommuting is over “forever”

Elon Musk has acted this Thursday as the new owner of Twitter, despite the fact that the acquisition of 100% of the company still paralyzed. The richest man in the world met the employees of the social network in a video call to convey his vision for the future of the social network. Among the changes that he will impose, he will end remote work for a part of the workforce, despite the fact that the previous CEO promised remote work “forever”.

“If someone can only work remotely, and It is outstanding [en su trabajo]it wouldn’t make sense to fire him,” Musk said, according to a person who participated in the call quoted by the outlet. TheVerge. “I’m not in favor of things that are crazy.”

The tycoon’s response was, on the one hand, vague, since he did not explain where the line is that marks an exceptional employee, but he was crystal clear that his hand will not tremble in throwing who is reluctant to go to the office if required.

This position is not new for Musk, since in early June he told his staff at Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, that he will fire anyone who insists on telecommuting. “Everyone must pass at least 40 hours a week in the office. If you don’t show up, we’ll assume you’ve resigned,” he wrote to employees.

During the call this Thursday, the businessman acknowledged that the Twitter and Tesla models are different, according to what he says New York Timeswho had access to the conference.

According to the version of this newspaper, Musk is open to partially accepting teleworking in the social network, since a computer company is much more dynamic than a car factory, although he stressed that by not attending the office “team spirit” is lostso he hopes that little by little the staff will resume face-to-face work.

The owner of Tesla and SpaceX was also asked about possible layoffs for economic reasons, since analysts expect 2022 to be a difficult year and see the United States entering a recession very likely. Musk avoided giving a direct answer, but hinted that the situation is not good. “Right now the costs outweigh the benefits“, but added that “whoever is doing things right, does not have to worry.”


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Elon Musk changes the rules of Twitter: telecommuting is over “forever”