Elon Musk Bursts Out and Criticizes Electric Car Incentive Bill “Ford and Unions Drawn It” | electric car forum

The new bill being processed in the United States of America is causing a lot of controversy, especially among electric car makers like Tesla. The law aims to promote huge social spending, where aid for electric cars would be limited to factories where workers are unionized.

The controversial law draws attention and penalizes manufacturersLike Tesla, who own factories where their workers are not affiliated with the large union that controls auto workers; United Auto Workers (UAW).

This not only penalizes Tesla, the only major American manufacturer to have no union members for its workers, but also it also hurts foreign manufacturers established in the United States.

Aid for cars made in Mexico

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has reacted harshly on Twitter before the new bill by harshly attacking Ford and UAW, emphasizing the ironic of aid that favors factories with workers affiliated with unions, while Ford produces its electric car in Mexico. In contrast to this relocation, Tesla, which manufactures its electric cars in California and soon in Texas, within the United States of America, would be excluded from federal aid.

The only Tesla factories outside the United States are dedicated to supplying the regional markets where they have been established. The manufacture of vehicles for the North American market is carried out exclusively on the production lines made in USA.

Elon Musk has been clear, forceful and direct, declaring on his favorite social network his point of view regarding the new law:

«This is written by the pressure groups of Ford / UAW, while they manufacture their electric car in Mexico. It’s not obvious how this serves American taxpayers. “

Elon Musk vía Twitter

Along with this harsh response from Elon Musk via social networks, the CEO of Tesla has pointed to Ford as the beneficiary of a peculiar change in the latest draft. This provides a Grace period, of five years, for EVs produced outside the United States to continue to receive the $ 7,500 incentive.

Both Toyota and Honda, despite not making any electric cars in the United States, have joined Musk’s criticism of the bill.

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