Elon Musk blames the ‘woke virus’ for the fall of Netflix

Netflix has started to bleed out, and while the company seems to blame its own subscribers, it may want to start running a introspection deep into their practices. Now, he has been the very Elon Musk who has given the final blow to the famous service from streaming. According to the tycoon, the culprit of this drop it was the ‘”virus woke up‘ that has invaded Netflix.

Musk’s response is listed in the comments on the website report Slashdot; where the losses of subscribers that the service has suffered during the last quarter are detailed. This is where Elon Musk has charged and commented that “The virus woke up has made Netflix unwatchable”. However, the businessman did not develop much more in his statements.

Netflix stock value is down 35% since yesterday. This translates into a massive blow to the company, which until now has seen nothing but growth in recent years. Now, however, a series of factors that are not entirely related to the content of the service have led to a resounding fall.

Since a few months, Netflix has been announcing several changes in behavior of your platform. One of the main ones arrives to attack the habit of sharing accounts and passwords among users; factor that the company believes largely responsible for its fall.

However, the prices in the service have been suffering periodic increases in their plans. Finally, the company has confirmed be working on a new “cheap” subscription that will include ads, a proposal that has not finished pleasing users either.

What does Elon Musk mean by the ‘virus woke up‘ from Netflix?

The term woke up has been coined to a series of social movements that have taken place in recent decades. Originally, it was a term referred to the struggles of black communities marginalized in the United States. However, over time, its shadow has managed to cover other social and human rights manifestations, such as the feminist movement and LGBTQ+.

According to the website The Conversation, the term was first used in 1942, in an article by J. Saunders on trade unions. This piece was published in the first volume of the African-American magazine, Black Digest. But it would not be until twenty years later, in 1962, that the medium New York Times I would get the word back.

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Elon Musk blames the ‘woke virus’ for the fall of Netflix