Elon Musk attacks Jeff Bezos: ‘I should spend less time in the hot tub’

In the last ranking of the richest men in the world made by the magazine ‘Forbes’ Jeff Bezos led for the fourth consecutive year -with a fortune of 177 billion dollars-, while Elon Musk it was the second – with 151 billion dollars.

Is that why the second likes to make fun of the first? He has already done it on several occasions.

On this occasion, Musk made several mocking comments in the middle of an interview with the financial media ‘Financial Times’ regarding Bezos.

Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla and Space X.


Frederic J. Brown. AFP

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‘I should spend more time working’

Let’s remember the space race went from being a competition between countries, to become a challenge between companies of billionaires. That is the case of Blue Origin -of Bezos- and SpaceX -of Musk-, which compete with his projects of exploration of outer space.

Blue Origin

Blue Origin space project, by Jeff Bezos.

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I should spend more time in Blue Origin and less in the hot tub

Well, Elon Musk mockingly pointed out that Jeff Bezos has to spend more time working and less time relaxing if he is to beat his space project.

Has reasonably good engineering aptitude, but takes himself too serious (…) He does not seem willing to expend mental energy on the details of the engineering, “he declared, asserting that the key is precisely in those small details.

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In a way, I’m trying to get you to spend more time on Blue Origin so that they can advance further. As a friend of mine says, you should spend more time on Blue Origin and less in the jacuzzi“concluded the founder of SpaceX.

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Elon Musk attacks Jeff Bezos: ‘I should spend less time in the hot tub’