Elon Musk and Twitter verification sink a pharmaceutical company on the stock market

Elon Muskrecent owner of Twitter, I decided to establish a new system of verification prior paymenta fact that generated criticism everywhere among celebrities, agencies, companies and internet celebrities who are regulars on the social network. While looking for ways to monetize to the blue birdTwitter continues losing hundreds of thousands of users day after day Musk does not give up on his efforts, selling his Tesla shares to keep the platform afloat, but s has had to backtrack on its commitment to verification after the proliferation of accounts fake and the near bankruptcy of the pharmaceutical Eli Lilly, which was the victim of a joke on Twitter with this controversial system.

Eli Lilly loses 14,000 million dollars for the verification system defended by Elon Musk

The Eli Lilly company came across a user who, having verified payment after paying 8 euros, decided to change his name and nick and replace it with those of the company. In an incendiary tweet, announced that insulin was going to be free. The viralization of the tweet, the comments and the media noise, caused the pharmaceutical company to collapse by more than 4% on the Stock Market after this episode. The phishing incident led Eli Lilly to lose more than 14,000 million dollars in a few hours.

“We are pleased to announce that insulin is now free”, this user came to write, which forced the company to apologize in a subsequent tweet from its official profile. It has not been the only company that has seen its identity disrupted by the new verification systemsince Nintendo he experienced it in his own flesh, with a fake account showing Mario doing a sleeve cut. A few hours ago, the arms company Lockheed Martin announced that it was stopping selling arms to the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia, generating another financial earthquake and leaving the company losing 5% of its value on the stock market.

Elon Musk has said that Twitter will ‘do a lot of dumb things’ in the coming months

Faced with the avalanche of complaints and problems, and as we mentioned in Vandal RandomTwitter stopped access to this service and re-included the ‘official‘, a gray brand, launched this week to distinguish governments, companies or personalities. At first, he had regretted it and was about to delete it from the social network. Now there are media that have it, while others do not. The uncertainty between users and companies is generating tensions in multiple companies and large advertisers, who do not want to carry out campaigns on the platform or reduce their presence on it. And what about the users, who have begun to look for alternatives. “Keep in mind that Twitter will be doing a lot of dumb things in the coming months. We’ll drop what works and change what doesn’t”Elon Musk has stated, warning that even There are months of madness ahead.

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Elon Musk and Twitter verification sink a pharmaceutical company on the stock market