Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey are brawling over the Twitter algorithm

Elon Musk, the Tesla mogul and likely twitter buyerhas temporarily suspended the purchase of this social network until it is able to demonstrate that less than 5% of their accounts are bots. In addition, he has starred in a crossroads of accusations with the founder of the network about the algorithm that Twitter uses to show you things of interest to you. The future buyer wants a different model, in such a way that the functioning of this social network is different and does not have the ability to “manipulate what is being shown to you”.

Does Twitter manipulate users?

Elon Musk thinks that the network manipulates users, since it has the ability to show not what they want, but what the algorithm itself is suggesting. It is a model that for the Tesla tycoon has no place within the social network. Not content with this, he indicated to his followers the changes that they had to make in their profile so that they received information according to their wishes, not what Twitter was wanting. The Twitter founderwhich is now totally unrelated to the company, thinks that this is not the case, but that it was designed to keep you up to date with all the information of interest to you, saving time.

Musk thinks that the only way to change this is to make that algorithm open source, so that it is always the user who have the ability to decide on the content you want to view. With a somewhat calmer tone, he is of the opinion that there is probably no evil in this algorithm, but that it is obviously very improvable and that it should be at the service of users. Dorsey is also confident about how Twitter will be managed in the future, if the purchase goes through. He thinks that this social network it has to function more like a public serviceor that as a company.

Since 2006, and with the explosion of social networks in 2008, Twitter has not stopped growing and currently has more than 329 million users. Those who inhabit Twitter find themselves with a dynamic network, which went from 140 to 280 characters per message, and which has very good growth forecasts, expecting it to reach 340 million accounts in a couple of years. The purchase by the American businessman would allow, if the forecasts are fulfilled, that the social network would be more realistic and that the requirements for access and maintenance of the accounts would be higher. That is the objective of Musk, who wants to give Twitter a new look, but needs clear signs that the social network has not falsified its accounts and that it has told the truth at all times. And by the way, make it work in a somewhat more democratic way.

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Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey are brawling over the Twitter algorithm