Elon Musk and his unusual way of running Tesla: “Sometimes I’m just wrong”

Throughout all the time since Tesla is one of the major players in the automotive sector, Elon Musk has shown his atypical and disruptive way of directing which today is the automotive company with the highest value in the world. Today, once again, Musk has surprised locals and strangers with the message contained in some emails written to his most immediate managers.

While it is true that there is some evidence that evidences the authenticity of the content of the alleged emails, both the source of the information and the content thereof are inviting despite the fact that, indeed, they have been the work of Elon Musk himself.

More precisely, these are two emails whose content has recently been shared by the CNBC, who pointed out that the messages were sent to Tesla employees in the first week of October. In it, the American manager points out that if there is an email from him with explicit addresses, only admits three possible reactions of his most immediate executives, and the CEO of Tesla was surprised by the actions he imposed on his mail.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

The lines published by CNBC read: “If an email is sent by me with explicit instructions, only three actions are allowed for managers: 1, send me an email to explain why what I said was wrong. Sometimes, I’m just wrong! 2, request further clarification if what I said was ambiguous. 3, Execute the instructions. If none of the above is done, the manager will be asked to resign immediately. Thank you. “

The content of the filtered email reveals quite a different image than one has of Elon Musk, since he has always been taken by everyone as a manager with a certain impudence who simply tends to press for what he wants to achieve.

The content of the other leaked email also hints at a more gentle and compassionate Elon Musk of the stereotype of him. He talks about the possibility of listening to music in his factories through a headset and thus making the daily work of his operators much more bearable, or even through loudspeakers “as long as there is a reasonable agreement between his workers regarding the musical options . “

Be that as it may, the truth is that Tesla continues to be completely disruptive when it comes to the production of electric cars, and it is known by all that both Ford, Volkswagen and companies are eager to hunt down the pace at which Tesla produces its electric cars . Recently Morgan Stanley compared the current way of producing Tesla cars with that of Henry Ford’s Ford.

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Elon Musk and his unusual way of running Tesla: “Sometimes I’m just wrong”