Elon Musk and his swineherd, by Juan Soto Ivars

He is not a saint of my devotion Elon Musklike no other of the billionaire prototypes that Silicon Valley spews out, but the reactions of the American left to its attempt to buy 100% of twitter they are to peel. The ‘wokized’ democrats protest the freedom of expression: not because Elon Musk has set out to cut it on Twitter, but because he wants to reinstate it! It may seem like a paradox or a change of parameters, but it is neither one thing nor the other. The preference for censorship has become the norm among certain American left.

In his letter to the president of the company in which he explains the reasons why he wants to acquire 100% of the shares, Musk says that he invested in Twitter because he believes that lFreedom of expression is fundamental to democracy. With his purchase, he intends to become its factotum: a total owner who makes the decisions without the pressure of the shareholders to everything can be said on the platform. Musk believes, like me and some other dinosaurs, that the limits to freedom of expression in social networks should only be those set by the laws of each country.

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Normally, the left was wary of billionaires buying media because they correctly assumed that this might interfere with freedom. However, what they are telling us now is just the opposite. They accuse Elon Musk of putting Twitter at the service of homophobes, sexists and racists. They want social networks, like strict parents, to enforce their favorite manners and ensure the courtesy of political correctness. Max Boot, a columnist for the ‘Washington Post’, owned by Jeff Bezos, by the way, has gone so far as to say that for democracy to survive we need more content moderationand no less.

This is the position of the American left in the face of a proposal to expand the range of freedom of expression in a social network where thousands of accounts have been closed for alleged thought crimes. I would say that it is to piss and not drop a drop if it were not for the fact that I have been writing for years about this sinister turn of the progressives, in particular Americans, but also Spanish. His position is not explained by fear of fascism, or mistreatment, or abuse, but by a fear of democracy. Freedom of expression is not a safe space, say Elon Musk or his swineherd.

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Elon Musk and his swineherd, by Juan Soto Ivars