Elon Musk and his idea of ​​sex robots with a resemblance to ‘Catgirl’

Elon Musk and Catgirl. (photo: TEC)

Elon Musk he doesn’t seem to have forgotten his intention to throw robots catgirl style, as those female manga or anime characters are called, who wear feline elements such as ears or tails, or trace the most delicate feline facial expressions.

In an interview with Chris Anderson, director of TED, the CEO of Tesla Y SpaceX remembered there was promised his followers to create catgirls and that he could build a catgirl sex robot.

In the interview, after speaking with Elon Musk about the current Tesla projects and specifically about the humanoid robot the electric mobility company is working on, Anderson asks the tycoon if he thinks there will be a robot in most cases by 2050 that will be living in people’s homes and if he also thinks people will want and rely on them. “Yeah, you’ll probably have some kind of robot friend or something,” Musk replies.

Robots in the future living with humans in their homes.  (photo: Autodesk Journal)
Robots in the future living with humans in their homes. (photo: Autodesk Journal)

The conversation quickly turns to sex robot when Anderson asks what kind of applications this device could have. “You know, can you have a romantic partner? A sexual one?”, comments the head of TED. “It’s probably unavoidable,” Elon Musk replies. “I mean, I promised Internet would make catgirls, we could make a catgirl robot.”

The promise to which Elon Musk refers is related to a tweet he published in October 2020. In particular, the businessman asked his followers: “Should Tesla Make Robot Catgirls?” The question was accompanied by a fire emoji, indicating that the robots would have a sexual character or style.

In the publication he also included a survey with two positive answers, “Absolutely” Y “Of course”. Musk also posted a tweet detailing a future Tesla update related to catgirls.

Tweet from Elon Musk.  (photo: Twitter)
Tweet from Elon Musk. (photo: Twitter)

What are catgirls and what is their origin

It is considered to cat woman, the fictional character of DC Comics from the Batman franchise, as the first catgirl, although she only wears a costume and does not possess natural features of a cat. Catwoman first appears in 1940. Osamu Tezuka He is considered the first creator of the authentic catgirl in the 50’s, triggering the popularity of this element in Japanese manga.

The distinctive features of a catgirl are her ears, its tail and, in some cases, its claws. The catgirl is often depicted as having the characteristics of a domestic cat: clever, cute, and cuddly, making catgirl cosplay very popular among women.

catgirls.  (photo: Crunchryoll)
catgirls. (photo: Crunchryoll)

Cosplay accessories of this type include sashes, headbands, tiaras or cat ear barrettes, tails, jingle bell necklaces, gloves, and claw-like shoes. The catgirl is a very popular type of kemonomimi anime.

The cats, rabbits and foxes are usually related to the female kemonomimi, while the male regularly includes dogs and wolves, like Inuyasha. The male kemonomimi and catboys are frequently found in the yaoa type of Japanese anime.

Anime kemonomimi.  (photo: Anime Nation)
Anime kemonomimi. (photo: Anime Nation)

How’s the Tesla Bot doing?

In the meantime, the Tesla Bot is developing further. It does not yet have a definitive release date, although it is expected to go into production in small batches sometime in 2023. Elon Musk has also revealed some important details of the aka Optimus.

Among them that their mission will be to perform monotonous or risky tasks for humans. Also that the robot will be able to receive personalities and memories of people, although it may take time to arrive.


Elon Musk also talked about why he thinks his companies (Tesla, SpaceX, neurolink Y The Boring Company) are philanthropic in the interview with the director of TED. The manager ensures that they all have projects aimed at helping humanity.

Among them are the creation of tunnels designed to solve traffic, either technologies that help to solve brain injuries using artificial intelligence.


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Elon Musk and his idea of ​​sex robots with a resemblance to ‘Catgirl’