Elon Musk and Bill Gates are the most loved millionaires in the world, but who is the most hated?

An expert site in finance and loans embarked on the adventure of finding out who are the most beloved millionaires and the most hated in the world. To everyone’s surprise, no. it is Bill Gates the most hated although several conspiracy theories weigh on his shoulders.

His research universe was based on the count of tweets at a global level that, Added to the feelings detected with Artificial Intelligence, it yielded valuable data worth taking a look at. Business Financing of the United Kingdom gathered the names of the richest men in the world to determine its impact at the global and local levels.

The first surprise is that the most loved in the United States is Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Group, but it is not the most popular. Instead, Elon Muskowner of Tesla and Neuralink, is the most loved and popular millionaire in his own country, then there is Jeff Bezos Y in the end Bill Gateswhom they see as a role model for his intention to donate everything he has earned.

“We yearn for role models and devour pop icons. Billionaires are both and more: mortal gods who embody our aspirations for success, fulfillment, and security.”, reads the company’s final report. And globally, Bill Gates is the most loved by all, followed by Elon Musk and then Jeff Bezos.

Another novelty: mark zuckerberg, with everything and his contribution to the world of social networks, is not among the most loved or among the most hated. Namely, his name is gray to all.

Bill Gates is the leader of the ranking

The first place, #1 podium owner is Donald Trumpaccording to Business Financing. “It’s a cult donald trump capitalized, becoming the ‘leader of the free world’ thanks to his perceived business success and the ‘power’ he wielded on the television series The Apprentice”, reads the first line of the report.

“While it is politics rather than business that puts anti-Trump sentiment on a global scale, he tried to transfer his (questionable) business skills to the presidency. And Twitter, which our investigation is based on, is where it all fell apart.”.

Others of the most hated in the world are Jeff Bezos and a tie between Rupert Murdoch and Mark Zuckerberg.

Bill Gates announced that will donate $20 billion, one of the largest philanthropic grants in history, to his foundation so that it can increase its annual spending, worried about the “significant suffering” caused by global setbacks, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

The gift, combined with Berkshire Hathaway board member Warren Buffett’s $3.1 billion gift last month, raises the endowment of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at roughly $70 billion, making it one of the largest, if not the largest, in the world, depending on daily stock valuations.

Bill Gates surprised with the announcement of his donation
Bill Gates surprised with the announcement of his donation

In an essay on the foundation’s website, Gates said that he hopes “others in positions of great wealth and privilege will step forward at this time as well.” With this enormous contribution, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans to increase its annual budget by 50% compared to pre-pandemic levels, until reaching about $9 billion in 2026. The organization hopes that increased spending will improve education, reduce poverty and restore global progress toward ending preventable disease and achieving gender equality that has stalled in recent years.

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Elon Musk and Bill Gates are the most loved millionaires in the world, but who is the most hated?