Elon Musk and an innovative funeral service for 2023

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His project consists of creating a cutting-edge company in the field, which would be called ‘Stardust Space’. It is a project that was applauded at the International Astronautical Congress. It has the support of engineers, astronauts, astrophysicists, doctors and psychiatrists. Among them, the Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

“The whole process will be done by ‘Stardust’, except for the last phase, which is the launch phase, that will be carried out by ‘SpaceX’the company of Elon Musk”.

The ashes will be sent into space on a SpaceX rocket

This was stated by Andrea Santos, when she explained to the media how the ashes would be launched into outer space, confirming so also the SpaceX involvementMusk’s company:


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Along these lines, he added that “andIt is common for companies to put their products inside the rockets that SpaceX launches into space. They can place satellites, other ships… And it would also have the capacity to carry our ashes in aluminum capsules ”, he detailed.

Regarding the contracting of the service, Santos remarked that he hopes that it will also be offered by funeral companies: “The client will contact us through a website, although the idea is that funeral homes can also offer as an additional service after cremation”.

Finally, the lawyer concluded by explaining that “Stardust’ will send the family that aluminum capsule to insert the ashes of the deceased person. Each capsule can carry a kilo of ash. Normally, on average, one person can weigh 2.4 kilos cremated, so it would be half. When the ship launches the ashes into orbit, will be merged into the same and they will go disintegrating until turn to dust wake r”.

Service costs

Those interested will have to send the ashes to the United States by mail. In each launch, 100 capsules will be able to travel, which will carry the ashes of 100 deceased. When asked about the cost, Santos explained that the service will have a value of 24 thousand euros.

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Elon Musk and an innovative funeral service for 2023