Elon Musk against the Twitter board: between the “poison pill” and the “u$s0 salary” for executives


Musk, who calls himself a “free speech absolutist” and criticized Twitter’s policies, he did not elaborate on the tweet. For your partTwitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment..

Continuing his tirade against the company, Musk launched a poll on Thursday asking his 80 million followers if Taking Twitter public at $54.20 should be up to the shareholders, not the board.to which a large majority responded “Yes”.


Later, the CEO of Tesla also tweeted “Love Me Tender”an Elvis Presley song, after Twitter opted for a plan to sell shares at a discount to prevent any attempt by any shareholder to accumulate a stake greater than 15%. Currently, Musk has a 9.1%.

Meanwhile, co-founder and former CEO, jack dorseycriticized the Twitter board saying that “has been constantly the dysfunction of the company”. The statement was a response to a tweet from the venture capitalist, Garry Tanwhat did he say: “The wrong partner on your board can literally cause a trillion dollars in value to evaporate”.


Twitter shares rose about a 4% to $46.85still significantly below Musk’s offer of u$s54.20 per action. The shares have gained about 15% since Musk revealed his stake on April 4.

Meanwhile, the social network was also informed by Thomas Bravo – a tech-focused private equity firm that had, as of the end of December, more than $103 billion in assets under management – that was exploring the possibility of submit an offer.

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Elon Musk against the Twitter board: between the “poison pill” and the “u$s0 salary” for executives