Elon Musk adds and continues on Twitter: after eliminating teleworking, his next goal is free meals

days after crop half of twitter templatery de change your remote work policythe new owner, Elon Musk is considering another cost-cutting strategy: charging for meals that were previously offered for free at company headquarters in San Francisco.

The conversation around free meals at Twitter headquarters began on Friday the 11th, when The New York Times reported that Musk plans to start making employees pay for lunch in the company cafeteria.

On Sunday the 13th, Musk started another debate on Twitter by tweeting that the estimated cost per meal served in the last 12 months exceeds $400 (about 385 euros at current exchange rates) and that annual catering costs are estimated at about $13 million dollars (12.5 million euros) at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco.

“Especially strange considering hardly anyone comes to the office,” Musk tweeted.

Your feedback has created Polarization and sparked a reaction from a former Twitter employee, who claims to have run the free meal program at company headquarters. Tracy Hawkins, former vice president of workplace transformation at Twitter, fires back at Musk by pointing out that meals cost between $20 and $25 (19 and 24 euros) per day per person.

Musk and Hawkins also exchange words about the headquarters occupancy rates: Musk claims that the maximum occupancy was 25% while the average occupancy was less than 10%.

For his part, Hawkins questions the figures and ensures that office occupancy was between 20% and 50%. Neither provide a time period to link your data to.

As Musk and Hawkins sparred, Twitter users weighed in on the matter. Some defend that Musk is destroying Twitter’s work culture, while others criticize Twitter’s free lunch program and allege that these meals are a privilege, not a right.

The potential removal of this employee benefit comes days after the Musk to end work-from-home policy Twitter and force employees to return to the office at least 40 hours a week.

Elon Musk has worked every day to find “new ways to annoy” company workers, according to the lawyer suing Twitter over the layoffs

The removal of free meals is one of many cost-cutting measures Musk has considered or implemented in the weeks since he bought Twitter for $44 billion (42.5 billion euros) on October 27.

One week after acquiring Twitter, Musk fired 50% of employeess of the company and later has passed to fire external Twitter staffr during the weekend: Some of the affected workers claim that they have not been given adequate notice of impending layoffs.

Neither Hawkins nor Twitter immediately responded to a request for comment from Business Insider.

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Elon Musk adds and continues on Twitter: after eliminating teleworking, his next goal is free meals