Elon Musk accuses Twitter of “manipulating” users with its algorithm

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Elon Muskfounder of Teslahas charged again Twitter, company on which it launched a takeover bid on April 14. Businessman, that keeps the operation paralyzed waiting for more information about the false accounts of the social network, has accused Twitter of “manipulate” your users with your algorithm.

Twitter gives its users two options to view the tweets in the timeline: either in chronological order or in an order established by its algorithm based on the user’s tastes. For Musk, this second option represents a manipulation by the social network.

This has been commented by the businessman in several messages published, precisely, on Twitter. In one of them, he teaches his followers how to view tweets in chronological order and not as established by the algorithm. In this message he has added: “You are being manipulated by the algorithm in a way that you don’t realize”.

Later, he clarified that he does not mean that there is evil in this action, but that manipulation occurs indirectly if only certain tweets are offered to the user and not all.

“I’m not suggesting that there is malice in the algorithm, but it tries to guess what it is that you would want to read and, by doing so, you unintentionally manipulate or amplify your point of view without your realizing it that this is happening”, he added afterwards.

Take a sample

The percentage of false accounts is a key point for Musk, who has used his doubts about this aspect to paralyze his takeover bid for the company. The richest man in the world hopes to have more clarity from Twitter regarding this issue before going ahead with the operation.

To clear up any doubts, he has announced that your team is going to analyze about 100 random accounts to check their authenticity and has revealed that this is the way that Twitter uses to discover the percentage of fake accounts.

“Any sensible sampling process is fine. If a lot of people acting independently get similar percentages of fake, spam, or duplicate accounts, it will mean something. Me I have taken 100 as the sample size because it is the number that Twitter uses to calculate that less than 5% of accounts are fake, spam or duplicates,” he said.

After doing so, he announced in another tweet that the legal department on Twitter has contacted him to complain about the fact that Musk revealed that the verification sample size is Twitter is 100 accounts. According to the businessman, they accuse him of having “violated your confidentiality agreement”. “This has happened,” Musk emphasized.

Some accusations that come while the businessman keeps paralyzed the takeover bid that he launched on Twitter on April 14 for about $44 billion. The Tesla founder wants more clarity on the fake Twitter accounts and won’t go ahead with the operation until that happens.

In the market, however, there are doubts about if there is a real concern on the part of Musk or is it simply a strategy to lower the price of the bid.

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Elon Musk accuses Twitter of “manipulating” users with its algorithm